Thursday, December 13, 2012

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
It's been 10 days now since the incident, and still the Claims Dept. refuses to respond. You owe me for my ruined clothes!
 Trimet scanner tweets are HERE!

Bumping the table won't affect my handwriting... I've written papers while on trimet

Bill says he worries about getting on the MAX and getting a ticket since TriMet has been cracking down.  

Too much Trimet today

S/o to the trimet riding, taxi can paying hoes. Y'all living lavi$h but don't have the necessities of life? Money for the nigga tho? 😂😂😂 

trimet bus driver left bus running to go take a piss. Should I steal it?! 

one time a eugene bus driver stopped at a burger king to go inside and order food. took him like 10 minutes. 

Since Sept 1 I have probably used only five times. Streetcar more often, I can put up w/ $1 for that - but not $2.50! 

What a shitty morning, someone give me a ride to school? Trimet just sounds awful. 

Memo to 9406: you're an express!! Don't pull behind a stopped 12 in the right lane Barbur @ Hamilton, PASS IT IN THE LEFT LANE!! 

if you're 10 min late on your route everyday... Shouldn't you be fired!? 1 Vermont needs better drivers! 

Lets see. First bus doesn't stop. Second bus is late... Third bus is one minute behind second.  

dear im not happy with the service for the 44. i feel that the line should run past 10 PM. just a thought. 

driver of 44 (2632) just told passenger "it's the 44, just like it says on the outside". Except it doesnt say on the outside. (cont) 

& of course not all your riders are sighted. Way to be a flat out douche, driver!

Trimet busses get the fuck outta the way. 

Should've been home by now, but just leaving downtown. Fucking Trimet and their buses that always break down. 

This bus smells like a chonga bagel. I dont like chonga bagels. I liked the one that smelled like maple syrup better.

A guy wearing a name tag that says "John" just blew his nose into a page of the Portland Mercury and left it on the seat next to me.  

About to be "that girl that was late for her final" thanks, trimet. I'm going to be too embarrassed to walk into class. 

See? Wasn't joking about that 15 operator!

Well, instead of being early, my 4 was ten minutes late. I get to be a different type of late to work today. An honor, 

Cold weather = busses idling at poorly placed #8 layover. Neighbors, good luck sleeping!

Lady on her phone on the bus: "I'm on the bus. Yea. I hate talking on the bus". Yay! At least someone on this bus is smart!  

10 Harold at stop 3639 is habitually late. I am freezing and it is already 10 min late. Please TriMet, fix this unreliable bus route 

whats worse than a 1400? Pretty sure doesn't have a 300 or 400 left anywhere to torture riders with. 

Hey , i don't appreciate your horn happy driver of the 75 bus that arrived at the mtc  

Holy crap bus 1405 on 8 route?!! Thats a first!! 

you have a rt 96 bus with half a headsign stuck in gridlock on I-5 in the T-curves. Why not reroute onto Barbur? 

Come on, folks. Have your money in hand and ready to pay when you get on the bus. Jeesh!

Damn. Bus 1629 sounds awful. It's a wonder it hasn't died on us yet

10 finally showed up 20 min late or never and this is just the next one. Not cool. 

Stuffed bus tonight. Standing room only. Now if only trimet would notice and give the 51 better service... A girl can wish, right?  

Oh Portland... All of Trimet is running on a ridiculous delay, so how do hipsters pass the time at the stop? Yo-yoing.  

It's been 10 days now since the incident, and still the Claims Dept. refuses to respond. You owe me for my ruined clothes! 

street lights out @ 7893. Hard to be seen by drivers at night. Anything you can do? 

Fucking ridiculous ass shit.  

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