Friday, December 14, 2012

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
If it pees, it leads..... Love your tweets, TriMet is the most expensive toilet imanginable, in SO many ways :(

 Trimet scanner tweets are HERE!

the 77 bus towards Troutdale is really late for its scheduled 4:28 pickup at Monty Park. 

Some of the other things he said were outright racist. He's on a cell phone telling all about how they're probably meth addicts.  

Fight on MAX going to CTC. Random guy calling for them all to be euthanized, then calls em "fucking animals" as they walk by. Dumb. 

If it pees, it leads..... Love your tweets, TriMet is the most expensive toilet imanginable, in SO many ways :( 

The new buses smell like shower curtains 

Just left final message for Claims Dept. requesting callback abt 12/3 incident. Next call will be Monday AM, to my lawyer. 

. Parking is terrible in the Rose Quarter area, but everyone drives because it is cheaper to park in a garage than buy rail tickets! 

For fucks sake, . I left 20 minutes early, and I'm 15min late cause my transfer is fifteen minutes late. You owe me. Free Jan HC pass 

cause if I'm going to lose money over you being late, I better have a way of getting around. 

Ooh how i've not missed trimet.. 

Bomb sniffing dogs onboard Trimet at Pioneer Square 

Why are there officers with bomb sniffing dogs going through max trains at pioneer square? 

you guys need to give carlos who drives bus 54 some kudos hes a good driver 

My 14 at 10:00pm has been late every day and made me miss my transfer every time. You know what'd help? $100m for a new MAX line 

Line 4 schedule has been whacky since at least yesterday. Is there construction or something? 

This is seriously one of the worst Trimet drivers I've ever seen. 

71 bus #7140 only 20 mins late.... 

NEED VERIFICATION: was told by driver last night that paper day passes have to be presented in full, cannot be torn or folded? 1/2 

we are looking at maybe 30 mins late  

seriously why foes this always happen to the 71? 

Great, door not closing on the train...stuck.not good.  


still waiting for the 71, why is more than 10 minutes? When will change happen? 

I bought an All Day pass today, which means that I get to spend all day worrying that I'll lose it. 

There is a guy on the bus lifting weights while calling and checking on resumes he put in last week.  

They are a classy bunch. For sure.  

AND... bus 1442 bottom step @ rear door so worn i slipped getting off the bus. Seriously WHY is that bus on the road????????? 

More greatness from veh 1442 on 94/06: DUCT TAPE!! Sad that uses tape to hold bus together...  

(Cont) broken headsign lamp, stop req won't stay lit when pulled, and lots of grafitti-etched glass. #1 transit? Not very... 

Semi-good news abt veh 1442 on 94/06: trimet found the money to repaint it. Bad news: still a crappy 23 yr old bus ... 

Hey trimet fluck you for skipping your 628am time And making me late for work which means I have to stay late at work... FaaaaQ 

The last routes have officially shut down for the night, so folks who ride MAX to sleep/stay warm need to find other shelter. 

Hey : is there a real bell inside MAX trains, or just a recording? 

great after 2 car breakdown a single car train now has 3x as many passengers 

No i dont mind you sneezing and coughing without covering your mouth... please continue  

Blue MAX taken out of service by passenger who "sabotaged" train according to conductor. Westbound delays. 

The smell of b.o. sweat cigg wine...yep train is on time..  

Bus driver joking about the voices in his head. HEH HEH HEH

Trimet police just checked for tickets and about half the people on the max got taken off. Some of them ran.  

My mom breaks like the Trimet drivers. 

Aw. Little kid at this bus stop really sad about not being able to ride the earlier bus which was not their bus. So cute.  

two (2) large lights at Beaverton Transit Ctr next to WES platform are out, pitch black, safety concern for 2 weeks 

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