Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Asked my bus driver if his heater was working. He said “Yeah but I’m not turning it on” What lovely drivers you have

. RT ...anyone at is interested in maintaining the 60th ave cash machine?

Continuing the tradition of regretting taking any time I take . It will always suck less to bike. 

MAX stopped in the tunnel briefly. Please don't dump me off in the middle of nowhere again. 

This is entertaining: bus driver is humming christmas songs as he drives.  

Single train car during rush hour. Great work, trimet

Apparently the #14 that was projected due 3 min ago was the special . Thanks,

I'd rather have a driver that's cold & awake vs warm & sleepy!

Jeasus Christ, I need a screw bus.  


I really want a car because I hate being on trimet with all these other people.  

dear , can you please install ticket validators ON the Max? preferably the machines, not the people who fine you. thank you

Crazy woman on max today. Invading people's space, trying to pick a fight. Strange use of words. Not drunk. Lovely. 

Asked my bus driver if his heater was working. He said “Yeah but I’m not turning it on” What lovely drivers you have  

Only in Portland, this boy has a keychain in his nose @ TriMet E 148th Ave MAX Station

Whoever invented antibacterial soap obviously wasn't a TriMet rider. Only 99.9% of germs? Been on the 44 lately?

Also, I can't use Trimet to get the house I'm staying at because they STOPPED FUCKING RUNNING. 😡😡😡😡😡 

cops asked me only for my fare and id for filming an arrest said I had to stop filming  

RT: Freak on the bus tried to put straight ammonia on top of sun brand laundry detergent  

Driver of #17 bus that stopped at 6th and main at 7:56 nearly hit the guy waving to pick up. Service like that should get you fired. 

Kindness is when a bus driver waits for someone running down the street so they don't have to wait in the cold wind!! Thanks,

Love it when u rush to bus cuz tracker says bus on time, get there screen Says coming on time in 2 mins then it's 10+ min late

Is there any way to determine where the 17 will go on any given day during construction? No service alerts despite frequent changes. 

Hey , the cash ticket machine at 60th is still "temporarily" out of service, and now the arrival board is too.  

both ticket machines at Lloyd Center Westbound are broken and do not accept cards for payment 

Driver on 2631 just WAITED for someone running for bus at 15th and Weidler. I’m pretty sure this is a fever dream. Or  

Hey bus 2631, your driver is super friendly AND calls out all the stops! I wish I caught his bus everyday!  

The ticket machine at the Killingsworth Max stop is not reading cards. Many of us unable to buy tix. 

Once again. Bus 2545 at stop 3633 didn't stop. Asshole  

On the new bus, cool but why couldn't they change that damn voice that announces all the stops  

Missing the bus and having to ride trimet sucks. I need a car. 

The new 15 is pretty , I'd love it if it did its full route instead of leaving me downtown for 15 min in the cold waiting for another

Hey your driver owes $2.50! He used a day pass, but the driver didn't believe him & only gave him a normal transfer. 

I hate trimet

Getting my fare checked twice within 5 minutes on the same max... are you kidding, trimet?

My misfortune gets me picked up from work and dinner with my man at Meriwether's tonight... SO SUCK ON THAT TRIMET.

You know what doesn't suck? Paying the youth fare every single time I ride TriMet. Suckers...

Fare checked after departing Pioneer Sq. Is it just me or have they stepped up patrols? Happy Holidays to you too TriMet...  

WOW bus 1631 BREAKS DOWN at Barbur TC. Fuck this I'm calling my dad. RETIRE THESE BUSES TRIMET!  

I will never ride the trimet ever again  

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