Thursday, December 20, 2012

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Goodbye, after years of bad svc, my company is finally paying for me to drive to work. No more crap/late/broken buses to deal with!

There's creeps on the trimet all the time. 

Trimet can suck a fat cock... get your shit together. 

Missed my by connection from the 12 to the 21. Another 20 minutes to wait. Seriously? I'm pissed off. just doesn't work 

can't you just let us all ride for free till the end of the world? 

Dear TriMet driver, thanks for turning on the heat! And bless you and your fellow drivers this Christmas season. 

I love sleeping in, but I hate trimet. Ugh. 

Jeezes the lady on #47 is giving the driver directions. Should I be scared  

1 why was a 1600 on rt 12? 2 why did it break down? 3 that is a 22 yr old bus. Not 15-16 yrs, **22**!!! Why still in svc? 

When did tr 9406 become tr 0102? Veh 1461 on rt 94 ..

grrr! #47   running late 

had the best driver on 99 this morning! 


Have it all planned via trimet. It will only take me 4 hours round trip to go to cascade station, the post office, then home. In the rain!

Yes, . Making your riders freeze while they ride your MAX train is a great way to keep ridership up. 

It was a DA pass, from a book of 5 purchased online. I didn't want to keep distracting the driver, so I sat down.  

but my car isn't working and I'm not use to trimet anymore! It's cold and these people stink =/  

Tvm 104 is out of service!

Goodbye, after years of bad svc, my company is finally paying for me to drive to work. No more crap/late/broken buses to deal with! 

A few times a week there is a group of elderly Asian women that get on the bus together. They don't sit near each other...  

Instead, the take up ALL of the aisle seats on the bus, don't let others sit with them, and holler at each other the whole time.  

Come on ! The 15 just didn't even show up! 

crud, weathered the drizzle, low 40s and to make it in to work. Too early to tell how wise a choice, but party at noon! 

the Orenco Station payment machine wouldn't take my card.

I think I am going to make a profile on twitter called "The Faces of TriMet" and fill it with pictures of disgusting people 

ha ha it you're riding trimet it should be "welcome to the jungle" 

driver of the bus 2550 should be driver of the year. Nobody does it better! 

. driver who I have NEVER gotten on-time just said he got cookies from a rider with tag "To on-time Tim…" ?  

Just got fare checked by port of PDX police on red line parkrose towards airport. Curious, thought that was outside jurisdiction? 

Just got fare checked. First time in over a year. red line parkrose towards airport. 

Oh no, the 8 is stuck in a time warp at stop 7767, always due at 4:49 am, never arriving. 

is there no fix for the 78/76 running 20 min late all the time? I'm always late because its so off! 

Fuck I look like riding Trimet

That's cool about your new hardware Trimet but I kinda gotta get home  

I hate trimet 

Please clean the "watch ur step" labels by the back door of #2810. That black unidentifiable hardened stuff looks nasty. 

Hey 2 no shows in a row on the 58. What the heck?  

I think this TriMet driver could take less time peeling off transfers without the four inch nails. 

The #57 bus driver on my 2:30 school pickup commute is the nicest guy ever. Just sayin'. 

Here's parked in the zone at SE Morrison and 14th.

I haven't taken a trimet bus for so long  

Train smells like soup today.  

My bus driver looks like a hip rockstar. Dark glasses, ear ring, and very well groomed goatee. 

Not only does the bus get stuffed full of people when school field trips ride the bus, the volume also rises to level unbearable  

That moment of dread when you see a huge field trip of kids about to cram on to your bus.  

Suck it up and buy an umbrella, dude. Heck, you can get one for free at the TriMet lost and found. 

validator 37 THE ONLY ONE ON EASTBOUND GATEWAY is out of order  

Cute bus driver who waved goodbye? Satisfied trimet user. 

the fare inspection didn't let me off the next platform to validate and wrote me $175 ticket. 

This happened last Sat when I was riding the Max,the validation machine was broken but 

and unlike McFarlane, I have accountability and risk losing my job for doing a poor job. 

Someone is playing Chris Brown at full blast on the 4 from their phone. I kind of wish I liked Rihanna so I could play it back.  

Besides, the rain is only an inch thick, and it's a whole 40 degrees out. It's my fault for relying on my bus service to work.  

Thanks again, . Your frequent service bus is a literal half hour late. But hey, politely making appointments on time is overrated 

the Orenco Station payment machine wouldn't take my card. 

Goodbye, after years of bad svc, my company is finally paying for me to drive to work. No more crap/late/broken buses to deal with!

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