Friday, December 21, 2012

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Woah. A bus just plowed through a red light and would have hit me if I wasn't watching. Nice work.

I hate not having my headphones on Trimet, it's like "bitch I will cut you if you don't shut up, I don't have my headphones, I will kill." 

Riding the bus this morning. I much prefer my own car.  

: Brilliance in bus stop placement and design ” ive pointed that out a billion times!!  

Uh, my, MAX train just made a hard stop here about half a mile from 82nd and we don't know why.  

Yuck, too much perfume. Opps, it's fragrance from incense. Please put in a bag...  

More... Hoping for Type1. Seeing route a bit above. Nope, here comes Type4.  

so this reroute seems totally pointless.  

I'd really like to see the data and conclusions used by your analysts to reroute the 43. Even the drivers think it makes no sense. 

35 to PDX: my stop is supposed to be 7 minutes after OC TC departure yet some dillwad drivers think 5-6 minutes early is OK.  

Max stop at 60th won't accept cash at ticket machines. 

machine at interstate and Lombard, southern station, is not accepting cards. 

If the world ends tomorrow and I'm on a Trimet bus, I will be so pissed off. 

Woah. A bus just plowed through a red light and would have hit me if I wasn't watching. Nice work. 

Looking up like you're thinking while scratching your balls does not distract from the fact that you're scratching your balls, sir.  

Thanks . My job was already in jeopardy before your 14 ran so late we make it just as the bridge goes up. Just speeding up the firing

Fxck trimet ! 👊👊👎 

The bus driver on the #20 looks like no joke 

Proof that the 8 is trapped in time at stop 7767 for yet another day  

I miss thanking the bus driver when I take the MAX.  

Fare inspection WB type 4 arriving Beaverton TC.  

One of the many bus drivers named Lurch is driving this bus. Luckily I have my neck brace, dramamine and vomit bags with me. 

. sorry, I know you guys get a way higher shit/praise ratio than is fair, it's just super frustrating to be late to work beyond m ... 

Slight Delay Alert: Train at 6th and Glisan has incident delaying trains on Mall. Clear now.  

. just shut down Transit Tracker. Seriously, what's the point? Might as well be a magic 8 ball. 

Proud of TriMet for an Alert for WA SQ at Transit Mall stop, went to snap pic and this happened (no service disruption)  

The fourth #4 bus stops, bus is empty obviously. Then the #14 finally shows up, PACKED. Distribute your bus lines better  

Dear , once again the 14 went missing. Thanks a freaking lot you bunch of useless morons.  

All three #4 busses picked up 2 ppl altogether, while there are about 15 ppl waiting for the #14. sucks. 

Trimet buses are the most annoying thing in the world 😠 

About to leave the comfort of my office life and barrel into the harsh world of  

Dear riding creepers, No I don't want your candy. No you can't have my # & my relationship status is not your concern. 

fuck trimet. i'm cold and my tummy hurts. 

Got bitched out by a MAX driver for asking about the service alert while he was walking at the MAX stop... 's been irritable lately. 

I find my men on trimet buses  

Fuck Trimet. I need my license. 
Jeez, is the #33 always this packed at 7 on a Friday night?? 

Truck just tried to pass the bus on a street that merges & nearly hit it! Seriously drivers WTF!

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