Sunday, December 9, 2012

Latest Seen and Heard on Trimet

But not seen on Trimet's 'How we roll' Blog!
the 4:33 pm 71 is now leaving the transit center at 5pm
Welcome to Portland! My Visa card is not accepted in this TVM! Not off to a good start!  

fail once again card reader is not working number 700 at union & 5th I'm riding free today cause your lack of maintenance thanks. 

I am using up all my luck today. 

The smell inside the WB elevator at Sunset TC is retched. I had to cover my nose and mouth just to ride it because it smells so bad  

Trimet.. Trigom.. Trgom... Haah! Trigonometri:D

I guess all Trimet employees are morbidly obese for the same reason all TSA employees are cognitively defective...Job requirement. 

The MAX announcements are too chatty, it's constantly rambling off something.

: I wish trimet had bathrooms on there buses” Them M'Fs would be dirty as hell!! 

Wonder if this MAX rider has its fare  

How do you get money back for a Trimet ticket you bought? (when there's still a week on it) 

You know where it says "do not disturb operator while train is in motion"? That doesn't mean "knock here then open door."  

Yeah, that could have caused a train delay. Or TriMet was just being a dick as usual. 

Let's go , it's cold out here!

I am so fed up with trimet service that setting something big and boxy with wheels ablaze sounds more appealing. 

Ugh! Phantom train... Was supposed to be here 6 minutes ago. Been waiting at least 20 mins. Not another one until 8pm. I'm cold!  

So my friend just smoked a trimet ticket... 

we didn't have fair for the max. And I put my hand up to the trimet guy and told him to stop talking.. So he didn't like that. 

Trimet why the fuck would you make you seat plastic instead if cloth when you're employed in Oregon. 

EAMPLE- ON I had to tell this woman three time your child is exposing herself... 3 times and I am the only on telling her. 

Who do you think you are?? The king of trimet?? 

the 4:33 pm 71 is now leaving the transit center at 5pm 

why is your 71 always late? Over 20 mins and counting 

Driver of 31/36 saved the life of line 71/38 by performing the hemlick at clackamas town center

Hey I've reported this before... PLEASE CLEAN UP THE FECAL MATTER IN STOP #1615! this is disgusting! 

Can some1 please teach idiot grown ass man sitting behind me on max how 2 blow his dang nose instead of inhaling it back up his nose  

Can someone at explain how buses just don't show up. The 6 hasn't shown up in almost an hour. 

Fuck Trimet!!!!!!!!!! 


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