Thursday, December 6, 2012

TOP CHANGES TO CONTRACT! (at least what I can see anyway)

But I know that there are some people that actually work at Trimet that read this blog. Surprisingly most of my viewership has no relation to the union or Trimet.

This is something important to people working there:

Par. 1(m). The District proposes to eliminate Operators trading and signing into pass‐up situations in order to
ensure it has sufficient Operators available to provide scheduled service. 

[NEW] Par. 5(g). The District proposes to make mandatory the current voluntary practice of having Operators attend
8 hours of training annually on their regular day off,
which would be paid at their regular overtime rate.

Par. 5. The District proposes to fill the Chief Station Agent by selection rather than by sign‐up. This classification is
the only Operations Division “lead” position that is filled by seniority rather than by selection/appointment.

[OLD] Par. 2. Benefits Coordinator. The District proposes no longer to pay the union to retain a Benefits
Coordinator. The District has sufficient benefits personnel to answer questions regarding all benefits it offers to
employees, making this is an unnecessary expense.

Par. [NEW] 1(h). Benefits Eligibility Hours Requirement (“BEHR”). The District proposes to implement a
quarterly requirement of 240 hours (144 hours for MRO)
comprised of all paid hours and all unpaid hours while
on statutory leave in order to continue employee eligibility for healthcare coverage and the District’s contribution
to such coverage.
Currently, employees can be off work for a year without being on protected leave and still receive all their
benefits with premiums paid in full by TriMet. 

Employees, particularly MRO employees, may wish to decline our benefit coverage because, as part‐time
employees, they may find coverage is too expensive. Because waiving coverage saves the District money, it is
willing to pay an incentive of $250 monthly.  

TriMet’s unfunded OPEB liability now is over $900 million and growing rapidly. 
Now this is interesting because the management INTENTIONALLY LEFT IT UNFUNDED even while making sure the managment pension fund was funded over 100% CLICK HERE!

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