Saturday, December 15, 2012

Supervisory reports

For the most pare it went smoothly
The 30 and 31 reroutes are confusing and longer than they need to be I do not understand why they are going to fuller road every time when the 30 and 31 would not normally be even going to the Clackamas town center layover. Plus 3 busses that are 31’s are deadheading from the garage to the town center during this time I know that 3138 did not have any special instruction on how to deadhead so followed her normal one and came through the mall this was not as big a problem today but could be in the future. 3135 and 3101 also deadhead from the garage during this time and may need special instructions.
I think that the 30 and 31 when continuing from a 30 to a 31 or a 31 to a 30 should use 82 to causey to 90 to Monterey to the stop on the north side of the street.

     RQ-Holladay platform hardening
·     3 CS pre-event @ RQ; 2 CS @ Yamhill District.
o     Had planned to cover Lloyd but used field rep to assist bus relocation at Clackamas
·     Some improvement in number of customers coming off trains at RQ with tickets, but still had 225 who were sent to buy Day tix
o     Customers coming from Eastside accounted for 60-65% of those sales
·     Yamhill District had about 10 customers who were unaware of end of Free Rail
o     Some chose to drive; some vocal push back re: end Free Rail from the others
o     But we are seeing a good percentage there who now know
·     Post-event went well
o     Westbound sales 207; Eastbound 109
o     Game broke in a window with some gaps in service, but the extras (one each way) were deployed in a way that worked well.
o     Two buses were used for Northbound Yellow. Some customers made if on the 22:19, but next train was 35 minutes later.
o     EB Red Line customers all were out in time for the final Red at 22:40
o     Most Green customers were not out for the 22:10, but all made it on the 22:45.
o     Solid police presence set a good tone
o     Flow of customers through the inspection gates went well. Customers did a better job using both openings (they were placed closer together than previous games), and the fact that more people are prepared with tickets helps
§     More customers riding Westbound than Eastbound
Tonight was the first time to harden the IRQ platform. this is accomplished In just a few minutes, as only 8 bike rakes are needed. Fare compliance was better than I had expected and there were no real problem passengers. The use of the G4s officers seemed like overkill. Having one posted at each checkpoint with our field Ops folks was not necessary, they would have been better utilized at the crosswalks helping move our passengers to and from the event. After the event I got two extra service buses for the northbound yellow line gap. That plan had to be changed in the middle of the post event. We lost a Green line train eastbound and one of the buses had to do a bus trade in the CBD. I chose to use the extra service bus to cover the missing green line train for those from the Rose Quarter to Main st, and beyond (no Banfield stops). I also had the north bound yellow line at 21:24 hold until 21:29. This seemed to work well as most of the Blazer crowd had gotten to the platform. There were about one hundred passengers for the next train when it arrived. I didn’t hear any complaints about the 30 min. wait for the next train. This may have been since we didn’t leave the platform until the later train arrived. All in all this was a good event.


· 3 staff @ IRQ for platform hardening effort. Fairly high percentage of customers deboarding train had fares. Didn’t have any sales on Southbound, as people without fare were cited (because southbound Yellow Line trips arriving at IRQ have required fare since 2004).

· Modest number of boardings at Albino….less than what we’ve seen in past there

· Lloyd sales were good. Had infrequent customers unaware of end of Free Rail Zone.

· A-boards at Lloyd were helpful for educating customers that fares are required


· IRQ platform was hardened. Customer flow worked well without any safety issues.

· NB Yellow @ 21:24 was held for a few minutes (next train is 35 mins.) and helped some customers who departed early. Subsequent customers were generally patient with their wait.

o We had planned to use a bus to fill that wait, but needed to use the bus for a missing EB Green (Train 71 due at RQ @ 21:32)

· RQ-Holladay had challenge of the missing EB Green Train 71 (due to mechanical downtown). Bus was sent to Green stops south of Gateway…approx 40 customers used it and appreciated us sparing them a 50-60 minute wait.

· WB Train1 had an earlier issue and was staged in the center track around 20:45. Instructed to wait to leave on its time at 21:26, which we knew would be in the heart of the post-event exit.

o Required good coordination among staff to safely bring just one train’s worth of westbound customers to the center platform to board Train 1. We filled the train and only had to send about 15-20 customers back to the westbound platform for subsequent service.

· Blazers fell behind by a large margin, and most fans left about 15 minutes sooner than usual.

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