Saturday, December 22, 2012

Supervisory reports

·     CS staff/Ride Guides covered two bus stops at CTC and Fuller Road temp stop
·     Transition to re-route at 13:00 occurred as supervisor shift change was underway. One supervisor shuttled between Fuller & CTC to coordinate the transition
o     By about 13:20 all buses that had been laying over at CTC were on the new route
·     Bus Operators coming into Fuller needed some guidance re: when to leave, where to layover, etc.
o     They appreciated having CS and Ops support
·     Some MAX customers who were just going to Town Center (i.e. they didn’t need buses) deboarded at Fuller because they didn’t understand the announcement on the train
o     They were offered option of waiting for next southbound train, or boarding any bus at Fuller to get to Monterey side of the Town Center parking lot
·     Most customers reacted well to the change
o     Veteran customers who’d been caught in traffic in past years were glad we were trying something different
o     Just a handful of upset customers who didn’t see and/or understand the re-route message
·     TVMs at CTC were erratic: CS was equipped to sell fares and that was very helpful
·     Transition back to regular service was implemented prior to the 19:00 advertised time
o     Required a bit of improvising by CS staff (especially at Fuller) to make sure customers weren’t adversely impacted and were properly informed re: their best option for transferring to buses
·     238-RIDE call center reported a noticeable drop in CTC-delay calls/comments compared to past years

Tree Lighting
·     Transition to closed platforms occurred shortly after 16:00; generally went smoothly
·     Ride Guides covered three platforms bordering the Square, re-directed customers to the open platforms.
·     Rain kept crowd from forming as early as in past years, making the bike rack set-up and closing of platforms easier.
·     Solid presence of TriMet staff and Police
·     As crowds and traffic congestion increased, police altered traffic patterns (e.g. no cars on Morrison west of SW 5th, no cars on SW 6th north of Taylor, cars on SW Yamhill could not turn on SW 6th)
·     Despite the steady rain, Square and surrounding sidewalks were very crowded, although not quite as much as other years
·     Some risky pedestrian behavior (e.g. darting in front of trains on Morrison) but most people complied with the safety instructions.
o     Kudos to our new code enforcement supervisors who were working their first Tree Lighting: they were very engaged and focused on safety throughout the event.
·     Tree was lit around 18:10 and there was a steady exit for the next 15-20 minutes.
o     As previously advised by police, trains and buses held a distance from the Square to allow pedestrians to exit en masse
·     MAX Platforms re-opened around 18:45
·     Two to three trains per platform cleared the crowd

·     As with past Blazer/Tree Lighting evenings, we began fare sales early (15:30) to assist customers heading to both events
o     Was worthwhile and appreciated by customers
·     No hardening of Rose Quarter platforms
·     But post-event code enforcement staff on the eastbound platforms did randomly ask customers to show fare
o     Was an effective way to encourage payment and helped reinforce our “fares are required for all rides” message
·     Most customers remained in arena until end of the game
·     Timing of trains worked well: earlier delays from Tree Lighting and a brief auto-MAX collision at Lloyd Center did not seem to affect post-event service
·     Westbound extra was well timed and well used
·     Eastbound trains held a bit to help us make best use of that capacity
·     Platforms were mostly clear by 21:50, exception being eastbound Red and Green customers who had 35 min service.
·     Strong presence of Transit Police and Homeland Security
·     3 staff @ IRQ for platform hardening effort. Fairly high percentage of customers deboarding train had fares. Didn’t have any sales on Southbound, as people without fare were cited (because southbound Yellow Line trips arriving at IRQ have required fare since 2004).
·     Modest number of boardings at Albino….less than what we’ve seen in past there
·     Lloyd sales were good. Had infrequent customers unaware of end of Free Rail Zone.
·     A-boards at Lloyd were helpful for educating customers that fares are required
·     IRQ platform was hardened. Customer flow worked well without any safety issues.
·     NB Yellow @ 21:24 was held for a few minutes (next train is 35 mins.) and helped some customers who departed early. Subsequent customers were generally patient with their wait.
o     We had planned to use a bus to fill that wait, but needed to use the bus for a missing EB Green (Train 71 due at RQ @ 21:32)
·     RQ-Holladay had challenge of the missing EB Green Train 71 (due to mechanical downtown). Bus was sent to Green stops south of Gateway…approx 40 customers used it and appreciated us sparing them a 50-60 minute wait.
·     WB Train1 had an earlier issue and was staged in the center track around 20:45. Instructed to wait to leave on its time at 21:26, which we knew would be in the heart of the post-event exit.
o     Required good coordination among staff to safely bring just one train’s worth of westbound customers to the center platform to board Train 1. We filled the train and only had to send about 15-20 customers back to the westbound platform for subsequent service.
·     Blazers fell behind by a large margin, and most fans left about 15 minutes sooner than usual. 
    RQ-Holladay platform hardening
·     3 CS pre-event @ RQ; 2 CS @ Yamhill District.
o     Had planned to cover Lloyd but used field rep to assist bus relocation at Clackamas
·     Some improvement in number of customers coming off trains at RQ with tickets, but still had 225 who were sent to buy Day tix
o     Customers coming from Eastside accounted for 60-65% of those sales
·     Yamhill District had about 10 customers who were unaware of end of Free Rail
o     Some chose to drive; some vocal push back re: end Free Rail from the others
o     But we are seeing a good percentage there who now know
·     Post-event went well
o     Westbound sales 207; Eastbound 109
o     Game broke in a window with some gaps in service, but the extras (one each way) were deployed in a way that worked well.
o     Two buses were used for Northbound Yellow. Some customers made if on the 22:19, but next train was 35 minutes later.
o     EB Red Line customers all were out in time for the final Red at 22:40
o     Most Green customers were not out for the 22:10, but all made it on the 22:45.
o     Solid police presence set a good tone
o     Flow of customers through the inspection gates went well. Customers did a better job using both openings (they were placed closer together than previous games), and the fact that more people are prepared with tickets helps
§     More customers riding Westbound than Eastbound
I suggested the passengers that have no fare that are deboarding off of max stay on platform and buy ticket from Customer Service. That seemed to work better than letting them out to go buy one off of the platform.Many just ran off instead of buying before. We didn’t lose as many this time. I have seen a slight decline in fare evasion since the first event  I did a month or so ago, but many still are not aware of Fareless Square being over. It seemed a lot more organized and flowed better. It would be helpful to have more Maxes to clear platforms faster, because platforms were bursting with people and trains could only take a portion of the passengers.I also observed that passengers seem to be more accepting of the Events than they were a month ago.
At approximately 16:55 I received a call from Dispatch that 67/67 Bus #1798 was at 158th and Walker with the rear tire outside the bus. Upon arriving I observed the rear duals almost out of the axle housing. The inner tire was half way past the edge of the rear wheel well opening. I called Dispatch and informed them of my observation and they in turn talked to the shop (Don). I was informed to call the shop  and talk to him. I told him how bad it was and that they would need Gerlock. Two mechanic showed up, Mr.  Both of them had never seen such a delema. They wiggled the duals and it was clear that if the bus moved at all the axle would drop out and the bus would come crashing to the ground. The left rear side of the bus was “Veed down. A TLC Towing and Recovery flat bed pulled up into the middle lane and I was standing by the duals. I mentioned to the Operator  that I didn't think a flat bed was going to work. The tow truck driver then went up and turned around and pulled in front of the bus. Mr. P walked up to the Tow Truck Operator and told him he didn't think the flat bed was going to work either. The Tow Truck Operator had a chip on his shoulder from the time he arrived. He asked Mr. P why he didn't think the flat bed was going to work and Mr. P tried to explain to him that the axle was just about to fall out and if that happened the bus would fall on the ground. I understand a lift type of tow truck was supposed to of been dispatched, but this showed up instead. Mr. P was very professional at all times and explained the back of the bus would need to be lifted. This seemed to really upset the Tow Truck driver and he started complaining how he is done with Trimet that we are never happy with the equipment that shows up with and he went on and on. The Tow Truck Operator then stated "I'm out of here!" Mr. P started walking away. The Tow Truck driver then follwed him and told Mr. P, "You're the fucking mechanic, crawl under there and put a bottle jack under it and slide the damn axle back in. Mr. P very calmly tried to explain to him it was a safety issue. Once again the Tow Truck Operator got smart with Mr. P and said, "What's the fucking safety issue?". Mr. P tried to explain that they have instructions when responding to a road call to not crawl under a bus and further more if a bottle jack slips the bus will come crashing down and injure or kill me. This seemed to get the Tow Truck driver even madder. The Tow Truck Driver then made the statement, "since you are being uncoopertive we will just take care of it ourselves and I'm taking it to my impound yard and Trimet can figure out how to get their bus back." This was witnessed by myself and both the mechanics. At this time I immediately called dispatch and informed them of what was going on. Dispatch got hold of 9907 (Ed) to meet me on Tach-2 and I told Ed what was going on and what the Tow Truck Driver had said. I told him I didn't know if we should call the police or higher management. I guess Ed called J . In the mean time Dispatch (Jason) was listening in and was on the phone with Gerlock. I was informed that Gerlock was trying to call the Tow Truck driver to take the bus to Merlo. There was the Tow Truck driver and two young adults with him(possibly his sons). All three of them used steel rods to try and slide the axle into place and managed to get the inner tire even with the outside of the wheel wheel. The Tow Truck Operator then attached the bus and drug it onto the trailer. As the bus rolled onto the trailer the duals started to work out.  The inner dual was barely on the trailer. Both mechanics asked me to go to the garage with them to be a witness and I told them I would. I then left to open the gate at Merlo. After about 10 minutes I heard the truck coming down the street and opened the gate and the truck followed by the mechanics drove through. I met up with the mechanics and got their names and badge numbers as I was requested by E to do a report. The night mechanic at Merlo moved a bus on the “work line” so the bus could be dropped in one of the lanes. The Tow Truck driver then undid all the chains and the bus didn’t move. With the differentional broken and the duals almost out the brakes were locked up. It took almost an hour for the Tow Truck guy to get the bus off the trailer. I got a call from dispatch that they were on the phone with Gerlock and wanted an update. I told them that the bus just got unloaded and we would be clearing. I was about to leave with the Tow Truck Driver came up to me and asked me for my name, which I gladly gave him and then he made the smart comment, “you’re the first person that yelled at me”. At no time did I raise my voice to him or act in an unprofessional manner. While we were at the scene, the Tow Truck driver walked up to the mechanics and asked them for their names, which they gladly gave. As the Tow Truck driver stomped off he made the comment that he was going to file a complaint.

Myself and the mechanics left Merlo and headed down 158th to connect with Hwy.26. The mechanics were in front of me and I pulled into the NRV lot. I happened to look over and see the Tow Truck following the mechanics. I immediately got on the radio to dispatch to give them a heads up and that the Tow Truck driver shouldn’t even be on our property. Dispatch called 911, 9109 , 9106  and 9121  responded to the shop. I observed the Tow Truck drive into our yard, make a right, then left in front of our busses and I lost sight of the truck at that time. As soon as the truck entered our yard at the speed he was going he put any Operator walking back to the garage at peril. I heard over the radio that the truck driver entered the garage and was in the office. 9109 observed this. 911 arrived as well as 9111 (Keller). Both mechanics were informed to stay in their their truck until the police arrived.

1.       The Tow Truck Driver was extremely unprofessional, rude and had a chip on his shoulder
2.       TheTow Truck Driver refused to listen to our mechanics. He had the attitude that he knew everything.
3.       He jeopardized our equipment. Had that axle pulled out the bus would of tipped off the trailer and possibly landing on a car passing on 158th.
4.       He jeopardized the safety of any Operator or other personnel in our yard by the speed he was driving.


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