Monday, December 3, 2012


Oh GOD! My seat on #99 soaked in piss, didn't know until I stood up & now I get to wallow in it all day at work! Calling my lawyer!!

Oh GOD! My seat on #99 soaked in piss, didn't know until I stood up & now I get to wallow in it all day at work! Calling my lawyer!! 

Bus 1609 is leaking and dripping inside. Kinda annoying, i gotta say.  

Lovely. Bus seat was wet. Guess who now has a wet ass in the office? Good thing I'm wearing black pants.  

Hey both ticket stations are out of order at the Quatama MAX stop. Machine #’s 147 and T148. I hope I don’t get a ticket! 

Yay here we go with you dirty fair machines  

early again. 6:09 train gone by 6:07.  

Ugh, driver change over starts today. That means I'm guaranteed to be late today. 


. OMG stupid water bottle rolling around on the bus this morning what a idiot~\ 

Tell fare inspectors that validators 119 and 118 are not working to avoid a fine!

Thank you line 87. No 4:38 bus, no 5:12 bus. 

Trimet sucks! Shut it down and start over you bunch of losers! 

Sure would be awesome if TriMet had ticket machines that worked. 

Not sure of having a smartass train conductor is a good thing or a bad thing.  

someone give me a ride to pcc lol. really not tryna take gay ass trimet today. 

": Just watched a lady secretly drink out of a 40 in her coat, obscured behind the bus driver. "lmfao too sweet 

As if today needed more ick, my bus failed to show up. Pretty epic.  

I bought new clothes that are not soaked in bus piss, been waiting all afternoon for Claims Dept. to call back for reimbursement... 

What's the hold up on westbound at kings hill. Waiting on supervisor? 

Hey , I would love to know when you're going to add buses to the 4 route to ease congestion. 

Trimet paradox: how many multiple times can the same two number buses go by until the one i need goes by 

Asked driver 944 bus 3008 to call a supervisor and was IGNORED 

Dang, hot ass trimet worker coming out of the gym. I'd let him pull his bus into my station anyday. 

driver of bus 3021, train 7250 keeps slamming on his brakes at EVERY STOP! Just got thrown into a pole! Thanks so much TriMet

good thing there's a smelly homeless guy and a girl yapping on her cell phone to keep my patience in check.  

I love it when a bus just doesn't come. Did it explode?  

train surprise surprise a delayed commute. You should fire your Ops team ASAP. I'm close to giving up.  

The bus driver is giving out candy canes. Stay awesome

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