Sunday, December 2, 2012


I want a car, if only because it'd mean not having to rely on trimet

Why does this always happen to me 😑 Now I'm late to work. Stupid Trimet lol  

Fuckin Juggalos on watch out everybody 

Trimet is going to fucking make me late for work! 

I can't remember the last time was on time. 

neither ticket machine at N Prescott is taking cards of any kind. Just FYI. 

I'm so bad at bus riding. I misread trimet and now i'm over an hour early to work! 

Trimet does not fuck with me on my first days of work.

saturday morning motormouth methheads on "call annie tell her we have 20 vicodin for her" shouting in each others ears aiaiaiaiai 

Missed my train. Walking home to get my car. I am not going to wait 32 minutes for the next one. Grrrr!  

It is really bad customer service to ask me to be inconvenienced by your inability to provide correct service. 

You are responsible for making sure fares are available. There have been numerous reports of broken machines all over town. 

No. I will *not* ride to the next stop, get off, buy a fare, and then wait for the next yellow line train to come by in 15 mins. 

F*** the police expescially the max TriMet police 

~ Riding to the next stop doesnt cut it anymore. Replace the damn machines. FARE IS FAIR if you cant buy a ticket then WTF! 

lift Driver stranded my mother and grandmother at a Walmart in Cornelius three hours ago. They can't get a cab. I am NOT Happy 

Hey , you need to enforce BS like this. That's not a service dog, it's an unlicensed and unleashed pitbull.

Holy shit, TriMet weekend schedules can suck my dick. 

driver 7701 bus 2601: I understand you have to check fare. But taking each one and checking it by hand is unreal! I wanna go home! 

Are drivers trained to angrily accelerate to max possible speed between stops, then slam on their breaks every block? Seems like it. 

Driver of bus 1437 now having a cigarette on Hawthorne bridge during bridge lift. Haha 

Because TriMet doesn't want the public to know their dirty work But what's done in the dark will be brought to the light. 

Hot damn. The Bus 15 has the best-dressed riders. Nice spectacles!

Almost witnessed a drunken brawl on the bus just now.

Sunday "frequent" service is a real stretch of the definition.  

The lady driving the bus has not stopped talking into the microphone. Apparently trimet gives guided tours now...  

Sometimes you were supposed to be at work at 9 am and you don't get there till 11:30.  

So, the devil got on the #14 at 47th & Hawthorne.  

Holy shit, TriMet weekend schedules can suck my dick. 

And then of course there is always TRIMET SCANNER TWEETS


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