Friday, December 7, 2012


The ones you won't see on Trimet's HOW WE ROLL blog!
I have come to believe that Max drivers enjoy having control over when we get to our destination. And selectively abuse that power.
 Trimet Scanner tweets are HERE!

Ha ha ha I got confused and got on the bus going the other way. where am I going now? 

Guy tried to tip my bus driver  

you're killin me this week. Schedules exist for a reason. 

Oh look! Friday night rush hour no trains in sight.

needs to give #33 driver a vacation, he's grumpy as hell in the morning. 

No green line and now no yellow? What's the deal

you mind turning the AC off and turning the heat on? MAX is freezing! 

I've got a love-hate relationship with conversations I over hear on  

I hate trimet 
Ok. Two 15s in a row both going to gateway tc? No fair!  

So sick of max being late. 3 days in a row now. I WANT MY WEEKEND! Ugh. 

It's admirable is finally assigning 2900 and 3000 series buses to the 12...but running buses back to back is not frequent service. 

Seems to me the bike racks on buses defy the laws of physics. I'm in a state of panic the whole ride home. Ahh! Bump! 

Watching this kid on the bus is try not to laugh at the stranger talking to him...highly entertaining.  

on the street: freezing and waiting for #16 

Omg the max just stopped ugh. Wtf!  

FYI your 46 bus just ran a red light at the intersection of NE 25th and Cornell in Hillsboro.  

I have come to believe that Max drivers enjoy having control over when we get to our destination. And selectively abuse that power. 

Gonna be late to work again because the MAX came 3 minutes early. Second time this week.  

Really other riders!! Don't take up an empty seat with your leg or ! I have asking u to move over! 

MAX is not coming and its really cold outside. ughhhh pleaseeeeee (@ TriMet Pioneer Square North MAX Station)

The new Trimet buses smell like burning plastic. I guess that's better than the musty ass smell they used to have. 

Trimet is not something I've missed about Portland. 

unparallel parking - perfect metaphor for trimet troubles?  

WARNING!!! this man found a ladies wallet on a bus seat as we were waitin @ TriMet Beaverton Transit Center

and MAX trains too. And fix your ticket machines. You know what? Just start over. 

Hey can you ever have buses show up on time or what? 

"This nigga don't whip, he don't get road head. He gets that Trimet head!" lol lunch conversations! 😂 

line 4 bus 2265 almost made a right turn on Yamhill from 6th. REALLY??? 

Fuck you guys for getting rid of the free zone 

So, at this stop, TriMet has both benches AND overhead coverings, but you never see them together...holy crap...are they THE SAME PERSON?!?? 

great. Another lost bus driver. Now i'm gonna be late to school.  

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen. As you can see they got rid of the bad train and the Congo line is moving."  

"This is a green line train to (only half way to) Portland city center."  

Yesterday it seemed technology was against me; both phone & work computer failed. Today its . Thanks for making me late to work! <3 

Seriously: how is nothing EVER on time with ? And how do MAXes just disappear from transit tracker as if they already came? 

"They are in the process of rolling the bad train." Seems like all trains are the bad ones. Am I wrong? 

"we have to sit here until they get the Congo line (of trains) moving." thanks. oh if you make me miss the street car... 

sorry! $100 a month to get to work cuz $5/per day. Need coffee. Still sucks. 

your goose hollow ticket station isn't working again. Think it's time to get a new machine? 

stop id 7970 line 19 time 732am no show <Belinda Jackson> 

Bus floor damp on 2818. Think they cleaned it. Never saw that before. Maybe urine smell finally got too bad.  

, not super happy about the last 2 northbound 75s not coming tonight. Any particular reason? 

: Any response from ? That's awesome! I want a bus to the mountains! 

the last Harold bus was 15mins late. I was leaving to try to catch the 17 when it finally arrived.  

10 trimet officers on one platform. Must be training night.  

ghost #10 never showed... thanks so much for standing me up in freezing wind, , after 10hr day.



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