Friday, December 14, 2012

Trimet continues fighting below the belt

These A-Holes have moved to quarterly statistical reporting, an obvious attempt to dilute their lousy statistical reports

The rats the run Trimet actually put into the statistics this month the following: "The shortfall was mostly driven by unsustainable union health care benefits."

What is that doing on the statistical report? It shouldn't even be there!
This is a vicious propaganda campaign that is going on  in order to influence public opinion.
Hopefully the union has figured out some way to challenge this because my blog sure the hell does not have the reach to make any significant impact to public opinion. I know I make a difference, but it is a tiny difference.

It is interesting indeed that even after winning the initial arbitration the company continues to spew THE EXACT SAME PROPAGANDA!

What are they saying? The first arbitration victory resulted in ZERO savings?

The hiring continues unabated, the expansion continues unabated, and Trimet continues taking on debt like there is no tomorrow. Yet they spew the same propaganda over and over. If only the union would give in, everything would be fine. It's complete lie

I've said it over and over, as long as Trimet and its corporate media stooges dominate the conversation we will look bad in the eyes of the public

Fall 2012: TriMet provided more than 25 million trips | TriMet Media

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