Friday, December 14, 2012


New TRIMET logo
Although  the constant drum beat of 'it's all the union employees fault' 'its all the union employees fault' continues unabated, it appears that the public has grown weary of the same old nonsense being spewed endlessly at them. I've been watching the comments on the various sites and Trimet executives are just making themselves look like the petty buck passing fools that they are.

Even the hardest  core anti union ideologues are tiring of Trimet's dumb message. 
People know that Trimet is screwed up, and they know its not just the unions fault. 
The public has a sense that Trimet management, once again, is attempting to pull the wool over their eyes.

Management failures cannot be passed along so easily. In the real world all the executives at Trimet would have been sent packing long ago. 
Service that is crumbling, riders that are disgusted, buses and trains that don't show up.
But this is government, and we all know that trying to get rid of an established governmental bureaucracy is virtually impossible.

The bottom line is the public is aware that the transit agency in Portland is run by a den of fools.
Can't hide it forever Mcfarlane. Take your fat pension and the millions of dollars you have already made off the backs of the public and go away.
 And in answer to the question, Mr Mcfarlane has lost all sense of decency, his ethics are completely gone.

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