Saturday, December 8, 2012


Well we know this is also a joke. Bicyclists have pretty much free reign on the MAX
Q: What is TriMet doing about bike crowding on MAX?
A: We have detailed rules about where a customer can put a bike while riding MAX. We tell bicyclists that they must use the hooks if available, and may use the priority seating area if the hooks are taken and the priority seating area is available. The rules also state that bikes can’t block the aisles or doors. We convey this information in brochures, on our website, in outreach to cyclist organizations, and in face-to-face encounters—and we’re in the process of updating our outreach materials and messages to sharpen the safety focus. We’re also working on ways to reduce the demand for bringing bikes on board, such as our Bike & Ride facilities. Visit to see the kind of information TriMet provides to cyclists. Have a question? Just Ask! Contact us at

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