Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Union Puzzled Over TriMet Management's Contradictory Actions

(Or Trimet management continues being full of shit!)
The legal dispute between TriMet and the transit workers’ union over public access to negotiations remains undecided. “Last week, our attorneys conferred on how to get this question resolved quickly,” said Bruce Hansen, the Union’s president. That dispute centers around TriMet’s insistence that rider advocates, the press and the public be barred from the negotiations.
What puzzles the Union is why, when the parties’ attorneys are working together to get a quick resolution of this dispute, TriMet’s labor relations executive director, Randy Stedman, and general manager, Neil McFarlane, continue to insist on going forward with negotiations only if the  Union will accept terms that violate state law.
“Another puzzler for us,” says union president Bruce Hansen, “is why the TriMet bargaining team intends to show up for negotiation sessions that they effectively have cancelled.” He notes that the Union has repeatedly given advance notice that it cannot accept the conditions TriMet management has placed on bargaining.

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