Sunday, January 1, 2012

15 passenger relates the story of an accident

Funny-Bit-of-Meaningless-Trivia: SO! Its 4:35 pm and my daughter and I are on the 17 bus line, coming home from having our necks and backs adjusted from my great Chiropractor, Dr. Mark Walsh, and picking up my Thyroid medicine from my Naturopathic Dr. Marz, after having lunch together and hanging out. The bus is going South on 21st avenue, in NW. Right there on Marshall, this crazy woman in a whit...e SUV runs a stop sign and the bus swipes the back end of her vehicle. Made quite a loud sound and the driver slams on the breaks. Pulls into the church there, (I think there's a church there) but the bus end is blocking traffic. Technically, THAT makes it a police matter. So, exercising my right to engage my civic duty, I call 911 and tell them of the car/bus collision and that the East/west bound lane of traffic is now blocked. Then after about 15 of the 20 people on the bus leave like rats jumping from a sinking ship, me, my daughter and the other 3 or 4 good souls stay on and fill out the little forms, giving our vital statistics and explaining what we saw. My daughter was all ready to hang the poor woman who got swiped and told me how I should fill out the form but I had not technically seen this woman run the stop sign. I think it was a combination of the bus driver and the car driver, (both women) thinking they had waited long enough and then both accelerating at around the same time, an understandable accident. I explained what I saw and tried to be honest, while Amelia berated me for not hanging the (old woman) in the car, who had collided with the (old woman) driving the bus. But I had to hold on to my ideals and my understanding of accidents AND the law. Theresa Griffin-Kennedy

What ever happened to the electric car?

Click here for the history of the electric car

Most read posts of 2011

As most readers know, I post many things of interest to this blog, there are thousands of posts.
Most of my posts generate between 5-20 viewings, but there are some posts that generate 50-several thousand viewings. I was going to list all the most widely viewed posts of 2011 but I only made it to April 3rd before my eyes gave out. If I get motivated I may try to finish the job but its very tedious and there are other things I'd rather be looking at. Some of the posts that were most widely viewed were surprising however, this is the first time I have looked at viewings per post going all the way back to the beginning of the year. Anyway, if your interested these are the most widely viewed posts of last year up to April 3

The World's Most Beautiful Subway Stations

12 Most Innovative Bus Stop Concepts

The life of a transit bus driver is no ride in the park

Another driver said he gets sworn at all the time just for following the bus route.
"This mother gets on the bus with a child in a stroller and another kid.
She asked if I was turning right on Arlington Street. I said no," he recalled. "She started yelling, ‘F— a—, I phoned 311 and they told me your f— bus was turning at Arlington.’ I told her again that I was going straight.
She called me a f— a— again and told me, ‘You don’t know what the f— you’re doing.’ " Said yet another driver: "I’ll never forget some of the things people say or do to me. Stuff like that really sticks with you."


Eugene bus driver nabs bank robber

Bolivia's "death road"

Glad I wasn't working yesterday

Packed bus -

January 1, 2012

Dear Santa: I know you are up at the North Pole resting.Can I ask for one more favor? Please don't let the man in the wheel chair at 28th and Sandy get on the bus today.After he peed himself and on the floor, he deboarded at 16th/Sandy.As Bill Murray said in Caddy Shack,"He stiffed me"on the fair as well.

A walk on Portland's NW23/21 ave -New years eve