Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Milwaukie TC Misses the Memo!

Apparently they didn't get the memo from Erik! These are BUS STOPS with MAX-style AMENITIES!

... and yet, I'm sure he'll still find something....................

¡New Vinyl Seats!

Henry and I caught a 75 with a full set of new seats. One thing that the video doesn't note is that the seats in the rear of the bus were not padded -- making them slightly less comfortable than the previous carpet seats. I like the pattern (lack thereof), though!

61500 rode free

TriMet gave 61,500 New Year's Eve revelers free rides Saturday night |

Neil wishes everyone a happy and successful new year

My best wishes to everyone at TriMet for a happy and successful new year. I hope your holidays were grand.

The new year brings a chance to refresh the work we do, and how we do it. Certainly the coming year's budget challenges will require it -- but thinking anew is part of what each New Year milestone should bring us.
I continue to appreciate the challenges put in front of us in the 5 year strategic plan -- and know that if we succeed in those areas -- we'll be doing well.  Recall the three major areas:
  1. Focus on the customer (including safety and excellent customer service)
  2. Ensure Financial Stability (not just a balanced but this year -- but a future of balanced budgets ahead of us)
  3. Partnerships for Transit Growth -- this is how we have built TriMet into a national model -- but more is asked of us every day.
I'm looking forward to the year ahead and working with all of you on this plan.

Again, happy new year to you all.  


Life of transit bus drivers

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Waste in transit

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The police State

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