Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jason Mchuff listening to dispatch

Supervisor making sure that riders who missed Line 12 to Tigard & therefore last Line 76 to Tualatin get taken care of

This is something Erik argues would never happen
And I should be clear it sounds like the riders weren't able to get on the Line 12 bus they needed for some reason

Oh brother.........

This is so sweet, too bad Trimet doesn't do anything about our UNSAFE CRAPPY EQUIPMENT!

Do you know the reason for these rails?


Remember when Portland had its very own income tax?

Well guess what? They're back!


Local News | State auditor will examine Sound Transit performance | Seattle Times Newspaper


Suit Renews Debate on Free Fares for Transit Retirees -

Utah officials release video of train hitting car

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Storage Tracks

Opening and Construction Starts Planned for 2012




Volvo's 7700 Hybrid Bus on display

Woman badly hurt by NJ Transit bus wins $7.85M in lawsuit settlement

Mercedes Perez can't say what she thinks of the settlement, however, because the 59-year-old woman suffered brain damage from the accident in Paterson and cannot speak after sepsis took her voice, her attorney said. She is fed by a tube.

What's coming up at this Sundays union meeting?

1. – The preferring of charges towards President Jonathan Hunt.
2. – The bylaw changes we keep hearing about.
3. – A list of Side Notes on contracts.
4. – How was the trip?

Michael Connor announces run for VP ATU 757


Passenger reaction when on a westside dinosaur

Small mirrors,poor defrosters,vacuum powered wipers,filthy floors and windows,deafening rattling at every bump/pothole, inadequate heat/ac systems, petri dishes called seats, easy to enter steps,the oversize steering wheel, the million plus total miles and the efficient lift mechanisms. Did I fail to mention anything else?

TriMet's $10M Contribution for OHSU Life Sciences Building

Seems like lots of people are questioning where TriMet got $10M to fund OHSU's life sciences building during the current budget crisis. Well after some digging, it looks like it comes from this TriMet board resolution. As far as I can tell it works something like this:

  • OHSU is $10M short in local match funds, and may suffer delays in getting bonds unless they can come up with $10M quickly
  • Lots of PSU students will be traveling to/from the new building (apparently it will offer some classes for PSU students).
  • There will be a new MAX station (Porter St) close to this building, thus connecting it to PSU.
  • TriMet sees the timely construction of this building to be a critical component to hitting ridership goals of PMLR
  • TriMet agrees to pay PSU $10M to manage the construction of "the porter street station retaining wall and the Harbor St. aerial structure" (these are components of the PMLR project)
  • Both PSU & OHSU are part of OUS (Oregon University System), and somehow paying $10M to PSU to manage these construction projects meets the need for the $10M that OHSU needs.

Clear as mud?

Maybe the idea is to take part of PMLR and make it part of the life sciences building project. Then TriMet uses PMLR money to pay PSU to build the parts they gave to OHSU. OHSU then turns around and says "hey, here's $10M of the life sciences building project we've funded;" thus making them more eligible for the bonds.

ticket machine is broken at Kenton/N Denver station.

Makes it difficult for those who actually do want to pay.

What the heck is up with this schedule display?

Sanding the brick of the transit the absolute worst time possible. Brilliant,

Everything down the transit mall is backed up. BRAVO! #Trimet needs to get an award or something for this brillance...

MAX train #112a has a bar loose.

$17million short? Hire a planner!

Job Title: Planner II - Active Transportation 
 "active" you gotta be kidding!