Monday, January 9, 2012

The yellow tint glasses really do make it easier to see at night

I suggest people that wear glasses look into this if your driving at night. Especially when its raining out.

Government financing the developers-your tax dollars at work

Financing set for 155-unit apartment building in North Portland | Daily Journal of Commerce

Line 50 endangered by TriMet budget shortfall

Cedar Mill News

Milwaukie offered fire sale prices!

Molly Harbarger
Hedges releases executive session information: TriMet willing to accept $4.1 instead of $5 million for light rail payment.


But nothing on TRINET?
spoke too soon, file wont open on trinet, but it is there

Crash on Canyon Road yesterday

KATU report here

"Fall" from Vista Bridge disrupts MAX

Vista Bridge fall disrupts MAX service
TriMet MAX service disrupted by fatal fall from Portland's Vista Bridge |

Gresham Transit Center Mens Restroom

After a 2 hour and 20 minute run fron Sherwood to Gresham,a driver is entitled to a clean restroom.This was the condition on saturday.Dispatch was called that afternoon.As of 4pm on sunday,the problem was not resolved.It is a shame that I found some bushes instead.

Bus driver turned lawyer

Impressive example of accountability from Singapore

TODAYonline | Singapore | Govt takes a very serious view of SMRT disruptions: Transport Minister Lui

Jeff Welch comments on the Jon Hunt re-call

Local 757′s Hunt Stays – For Now



max-train-bikejpg-08a731a989284aac.jpgView full sizeGot Twitter? TriMet will use the social media service to take questions about its budget woes this Thursday.
Ten months ago, TriMet officials, who in many ways are still trying to figure out how to use that radical 1989 technology known as the pager, treated this Twitter thing as if it were something that just might steal their souls in 140 characters or less.

To a lot of riders, the TriMet social media team's tipidness stirred up images of monkey men dancing around the singing black monolith from outer space in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” For millenials, here’s your YouTube reference.

My, how things have evolved. Facing a shortfall of up to $17 million (translation: more service cuts for riders are a-comin’), Oregon’s largest has announced an honest-to-hashtag budget tweeting, er, meeting featuring General Manager Neil McFarlane. Of course, you wouldn’t know it from the agency’s website, where’s there’s no mention of it on the home page (sigh).

Here’s the skinny: At 6 p.m. Thursday, McFarlane will be hosting “a live town-hall-style chat on Twitter, to help answer your questions about TriMet’s budget issues and how they might affect you.” The hashtag: #askneil.

Only "safe" planners need apply

(please help us figure out how to cut $17 million please)

Only "safe" accountants need apply

TriMet: Jobs - TriMet Career Opportunities

Do you think Trimet will ever have a truly modern fare box?

New COTA system requires new BuckIDs - Campus - The Lantern - Ohio State University

TriMet Diaries

 Mobile Metal Churchland: Bad Driving Party

Crime report-things are ugly out there