Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday-Another rip roaring union meeting

Govenors office replies to MOW complaint

Governor Kitzahapers office responded saying he is forwarding my complaint to the states transportation manager to look and see if there is any area the state can help with. His liasion warned however that while Trimets board is picked by the governor it is operated more like a private company than a public agency.

Gate arms blowing in the wind

Macfarlane having a bad day

Also, there was almost a Green Line bus bridge due to a bag in the overhead wires

Lots of problems with gates today

We love light rail

Possibly west side bus bridge....
Broken gate arm at hocken, not sure if wb trains can pass


Apparently there are signs posted throughout the transit center that say "NO SMOKING"
The signs don't say "no smoking within 10 ft of shelter", just NO SMOKING.
Why are those signs there if they are wrong?


I guess that depends on who are you are.
A rail operator called dispatch to let them know there was a man preaching a the Gresham Transit Center.
Dispatch told them there is nothing they can do about it.

So I guess that means that non transit use is allowed, unless your like a person who has no where to go, then non transit use is prohibited.

Typical bullshit.

Runs cancelled due to management screw ups

Runs were cancelled do to fare box problems. Another management screw up but they are not accountable:

My AM 6768 never went out. Op sat at garage


PORTLAND - Surveillance video from a TriMet bus showed a passenger approaching a driver in a "menacing fashion," but no physical contact between the two, a spokeswoman said Monday.

The driver did not press charges, but there were initial questions last week, over whether the passenger may have punched the driver.

After reviewing the tape, TriMet spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt said the passenger appeared to be yelling at the operator. Then, the passenger jumped up and quickly approached the driver "in a menacing fashion."

"Initial reports from the scene stated that the operator was punched, however, the video shows just a verbal altercation," Altstadt stated.

As a result, the passenger was kicked off the bus and will not be allowed to return for 90 days.

The driver continued on his route on the 45-69 line after the incident.

Transit Police Division officers also investigated the incident.

 TriMet video confirms 'menacing' of bus driver - Local News - Portland, OR -


Promote safety culture. Ensure a commitment to safety through consistent and professional behaviors in performance of job requirements that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value that guides all aspects of our work. Perform related duties as required.
$58,510.40 - $73,132.80 Annually


 TriMet pain due to arrive Wednesday; Portland parking drama; Clint Eastwood is the ultimate car salesman: Commuter roundup |

Wednesday is D-Day -- D as in “downsize” -- for TriMet riders.

That’s when Oregon’s largest transit agency is expected to announce a long list of proposed service cuts, route changes and fare increases to deal with a budget shortfall of up to $17 million.

General Manager Neil McFarlane has promised to avoid slashing service if at all possible, since the past three years have essentially cut into the bone of daily bus and train schedules. But you can bet there will be more bad news for low-ridership bus routes and MAX runs in 48 hours.

Well, technically, until there’s a round of public meetings and the board votes, it will be proposed bad news.

As The Oregonian has reported in recent weeks, you should also expect to see plans for the elimination of Free Rail Zone, a significant increase in adult fares and the end of two-way transfers. According to leaked documents from McFarlane’s in-house budget task force, the agency is also expected to start pushing riders to purchase $5 day passes and to end fare zones.


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Rampant Lion

I am a ‘big picture’ kind of guy. Our workers and the people we serve both have the same problem—bad leadership that doesn’t believe they have to answer to us—the people, with their anointed appointed Board of Directors, and us workers with our gerrymandered incumbent Presidents. We are constantly being divided against ourselves by the wedge issues our so-called leaders, their management henchmen, and their private profiteering pirate pals publish in the popular pabulum-puking press! Downright dirty and disgusting, wouldn’t you say? This is the root of many evils as I see it.


Our spies tell us that Bruce Warner (left), chief executive of the Portland Development Commission under Mayor Tom Potter, is about to be nominated by our retread governor to be the new president of the board of Tri-Met. The linkage is perfect -- it illustrates so clearly that Tri-Met is all about apartments. That's what Warner was about at the PDC, and that's what he'll be about on the transit board. Streetcars, trains, and condo bunkers for all -- now, ain't that the Portland Way? Oh, and your bus has been cancelled.


There are  plenty of  disgruntled union members after yesterdays meeting.

Since Trimet pretty much makes up this union and without Trimet members there is no union at all, there are  concerns that we need to be more focused on Trimet issues during the meetings, maybe a meeting only for Trimet members is appropriate.

Another problem is the fact that there are  time limits on the meeting.
These meetings need to continue until all the members present have their say, our officers WORK FOR US and need to listen to us till we are done.

TRIMET THE PREDATOR-steals money from the poor over a simple mistake

David Hamblin
did you get a ticket from trimet? I left my monthly pass at home and got popped for $175! That almost 7 monthly tickets for me
David Hamblin
I honestly can't believe your company just suggested I panhandle to get enough $ to go home! Really? As soon as I can I'm done.

Proposed "High Speed Rail" track in Junction City

A view of the Portland & Western's "OE District" track looking north.  Eventually this track becomes the WES corridor.