Lane Jensen returns

Lane Jensen returns

Sunday, February 12, 2012

When does this ticket expire

Muni bus cameras bust drivers in transit-only lanes!

"Within the next 15 months, every one of Muni’s 819 buses will be outfitted with cameras capable of snapping photos of vehicles illegally travelling or parking in The City’s transit-only lanes. Any car caught on tape will be subject to fines of up to $115."

Full story here

$12,000,000 to fund special interest rail projects?

The "commuter rail" has been a money pit since the day it opened. Serving only the tiniest of Trimet riders, its one of TriMet's most beloved projects. They refuse any talk of cutting it.

The "Portland Streetcar" has been a boom to Portland developers, like board member TIFFANY SWIETZER who runs the largest development company in the Pearl district of Portland. It's been operating as a free service for years and its main purpose is to get developers to invest along its route. It's not about transit, but it has been sucking down transit funds.



Trimet's rail system is supposedly one of the best in the country, I find that hard to believe

Lake Oswego ready to GO BY STREETCAR





$15,300,000 for "C+T?

We can see from this how far this agency has gone away from providing transit service to the public.
Just abolishing this department would end the "crisis".
We need a RON PAUL type general manager.




As we near the election of our officers for ATU 757 it's time to decide which individuals would have the best prospect to turn around the fortunes of Trimet unionized personnel.

Make no mistake, we are in a fight for our very survival.
Macfarlane's bold attempt to destroy his unionized employees is clear for everyone to see.
From his audacious public complaints about our union, to the systematic torture inflicted on union members by the careerists who make up most of the Trimet management personnel,  if we loose this war we loose everything.

I know both Bruce and Jeff personally, they both have worked tirelessly for me in my fight for  civil rights while working here at Trimet.

Bruce, as steady as one can be, with impeccable character traits such as intelligence, honesty, integrity, commitment, and understanding of the issues and processes of the union, makes the best candidate for the job of President.

While there are other candidates that would be excellent (Chris Day, Tom Horton for example), they don't have the extensive knowledge of how our union works. Bruce has assured us "his door will always be open"  and people like Chris and Tom will be able to access our president and implement some of their excellent ideas.

Jeff is a bulldog in representing unionized members. He possesses all the same character traits as Bruce does.
Jeff is excellent in front of a camera and is able to articulate issues clearly and accurately.
There are other excellent candidates for VP, (Mike Conner/Joe Ruffin, Dan Christensen)however I cannot vouch for them as I do not know  them well enough.

And finally BRUCE AND JEFF, work well together, they are friends, AND THAT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT for an effective team of leaders.
Some will say it's the "Merlo Gang", but that is a false notion. We are not about Merlo, or Center, or Powell, or First Transit, etc, WE ARE ABOUT UNION AND EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP!

While Jon Hunt and Ron Heinzman have done an excellent job in representing union members in the past, the time for change is now.
We need a new leadership and some new faces to deal with the management people who have so far been unreachable by the current administration!

TRIMET 'OPEN HOUSE' (reported by a fellow blogger)

The first TriMet open house for the service cuts & fare increases was held in the Beaverton Library yesterday afternoon from 1-3. I got there a little before 1 and a sign off the lobby of the library was directing people to the open house and a sizable crowd was already there. The open house itself was a conference room with tables going around the perimeter of the room and a large disorganized group of the general public in the middle. I heard many people saying what I was thinking, that this was not what we expected. We thought it would be like a town hall kind of discussion, with TriMet representatives giving a presentation on the proposed changes to service and then hosting a Q&A or discussion/dialogue session. Instead the way it worked was that you had to figure out what kind of question you had, if it was related to fares, to cuts/reroutes, to other parts of the budget, etc and then go to the TriMet "expert" who was there to answer those questions.

The problem was that if you can't identify those "experts" on sight, and it seemed that pretty much no one could, you'd find yourself finally making it up to a table to talk to someone only to realize that you were talking to the service planner when you really needed to be talking to the marketing guy. So then you'd go back into the fray to work your way over to who you should have gone to see in the first place. I didn't like this system. I'd love to know what kinds of questions other people were asking but it was so noisy and chaotic in there that communication was very difficult. This probably also meant that the TriMet staff was repeating the same answers over and over for several hours. I hope the future open houses are more organized to answer the frequently asked questions first and then allow the opportunity for people with specific, more detailed questions that aren't easily answered to be able to talk with the TriMet expert on that issue. 

Randy Stedman was also there but I didn't see him talking with any of the public like the rest of the TriMet staff were (nor did he have a nametag on like they did), he mostly circled the room and talked to other TriMet staff. I guess he was there to answer union related questions if anyone had them, but I don't know if that happened. 

Attached pictures, one is the pie chart in the back of the room explaining why there's a budget shortfall. I think it's funny that the union section of the pie is orange, when you consider that since TriMet is borrowing against future operation revenue to the tune of $60 million to pay for the Orange Line which is well over what the union is supposedly costing TriMet now.

The other picture I took at about 5pm on a Red Line to Beaverton from when I went out after the meeting. While it's not standing room only, it's pretty crowded when you consider that if these cuts pass as-is, this train would no longer be there since the Red Line will only go to Beaverton on weekday rush hour, not on weekends anymore.

NOTE-I agree that this sort of "presentation" does not serve the public at all. Participants don't get to hear answers from other citizens to improve the general understanding of the overall changes. One has to wonder if this was intentional, so as to keep people from 'organizing'.
Obviously the best way to handle this sort of thing is to make a presentation to everyone, the take answers from those present, with the correct person answering the question for all to hear.
The presence of the new highly paid executive (Steadman) is curious, especially since he did not participate in the public discussion.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky speech: "Crisis and Hope: Theirs and Ours" - YouTube

A few tweats

@sabrinapdx: You Hipster teen kids are major assholes taking up three spaces including a handicapped space on a crowded bus #trimet #iwannakickyouboth

@sabrinapdx: You Hipster teen kids are major assholes taking up three spaces including a handicapped space on a crowded bus #trimet #iwannakickyouboth ·


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Hey Al. Well I had a little excitement tonight on MAX. Myself and 2 other Supervisors were checking fares between Gateway and the PDX. We switched cars at Cascade Station heading towards Gateway. I ran across a guy that had expired MAX tickets and transfers. I could tell he usually pays. He looked but could not locate his day ticket that he told me he bought. The guy even showed me on his smart phone that there was an entry from his bank. He was very calm at all times. I was just handing him his citation and he instantly snapped and yelled "I don't have the money for this ticket!" The he proceded to vilently strike the left side of his head into the side window. After the third strike the window broke. Every strike after that the damage just got worse. The window was now very loose and bulged out 1.5 inches. The guy then calmed back down as though nothing had happened and stated over and over how sorry he was. The police were call and they came code 3. The guy was arrested and the train had to be taken out of service.