Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Man's neck gets broken after getting off the MAX

Is this "our" Willie?

Tea Party transit
To further illuminate Neal Peirce's argument in "Move to undercut transit from Tea Party playbook" (Commentary, Feb. 13), I'd like to suggest that all transit, bike and pedestrian travelers participate in an "All Drive Day."

Show the Tea Partyers the roadway capacity and parking places that are used up when transportation funding does not support individual freedom in how we travel in our communities. Instead of the steady stream of cyclists next to you on the Hawthorne Bridge and the buses full of fellow commuters, imagine inching along in the auto gridlock.

Southwest Portland 

President Jon Hunt addresses the dispute with TriMet

TriMet causes further delay in contract arbitration dispute

TriMet has repeatedly accused the ATU of causing delays in preventing the contract dispute interest arbitration from being held in a timely manner. Now, once again, TriMet’s failure to comply with the order of the Oregon Employment Relations Board (OERB) has resulted in the contract interest arbitration hearing date being pushed forward to May 14, 2012.

When the parties reached impasse in July 2010, they expected the contract interest arbitration to be held by the end of the year. When TriMet submitted its final offer to arbitration as required by law, the Union filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the OERB, alleging that TriMet’s proposal violated state law. That action automatically delayed commencement of the arbitration. The OERB agreed with the Union and found TriMet guilty of violating the law on September 12, 2011.


The pension reports for our favorite retired TRIMET STARS!

A tweat of interest

Motorcycle into side of Trimet bus 27 and Alberta motorcycle under bus

Bicyclist hit by bus mirror (lightly)

Monday, I was riding northbound on N Williams, hugging the left side of the bike lane, as I normally do when passing parked cars [in order to avoid the door zone]. At about NE Thompson, I was startled by a light "thwack" on the left side of my helmet. My instant thought was "tree branch", but my startling carried on as a TriMet bus passed me within an elbow's reach.
I realized my helmet had been grazed by the bus's side mirror.
Story here!


Distributed 2/9/2012 by Operations to provide employees with important work-related information. This information is
also available on TriNET. Please post until instructed to remove or an updated notice is provided.
Temporary Removal of Modesty Panels on 1400s and 1600s:
Keep personal items safe
TriMet is in the process of replacing our current radio system with a state of the art CAD/AVL system (computer aided dispatch/automatic vehicle locator). In preparation, the modesty panel on all 1400 and 1600 buses has been removed to accommodate installation of the CAD/AVL.
The CAD/AVL installation schedule continues to evolve. At this point, the timing for permanently replacing the modesty panels on 1400s and 1600s as part of the radio installation is not scheduled to occur until later this year.
To ensure that operators are able to shield their personal items from public access, maintenance will be installing a temporary modesty panel in these buses over the next few weeks. In the interim, operators of 1400 and 1600 buses are encouraged to reduce the size of personal carry on items and to store these items in a manner that keeps them inaccessible to the public.
If you have any questions, please contact your manager.

Top stories from around the world

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Republicans are understandably skeptical of "new starts"

The House Republican transportation bill ends gas tax subsidies of transit and requires that any new rail projects receiving “New Starts” grants meet strict financial tests and not simply be awarded on the basis of some vague concept such as “livability.” In response, Secretary of Livability Ray LaHood says it is vital to keep funding transit out of gas taxes. As an example, he cites the Portland-to-Milwaukie light-rail line, which he says is “an integral part of rebuilding the nation’s economy.”

14,500 jobs created by Milwaukie project

So says the Trimet PROPAGANDA machine!

Candidate for ATU President Bruce Hansen to be at todays open house!

Wednesday, February 15, 4:30–6:30 p.m.


Portland Building, Room C
1120 SW 5th Ave.
Portland, OR


The problem is . . . you keep losing. Money. My money, not yours. Because your fares don’t even cover half the T’s costs. The single biggest source of MBTA money comes from sales taxes paid by the rest of us.
So when one of the rider/whiners asked Monday, “How much do you expect the poor to pay?” she was right: How much do you freeloaders expect low-income Dorchester families to pay in sales taxes, subsidizing T rides for rich Boston College kids and downtown attorneys?
If the problem were temporary, if my T-dependent neighbors just needed a one-time handout, I’d throw a few bucks in their cup. But the MBTA has an addiction problem. It just keeps spending and spending and it can’t seem to stop.
Despite having the highest debt burden of any transportation system in America, the T plans to spend $161 million more this year than it takes in. It’s on track to keep spending itself into the red, hitting a projected annual loss of $308 million in 2016.
 MBTA mustn’t be a gravy train -


 And where is the money going? With 631 T staffers making $100,000 or more last year in salary and overtime, it’s not too hard to figure out. If you’re still not sure, just ask one of the folks on the amazing MBTA pension system, who may have retired as young as 41 with health-care benefits for life.

Boston's MBTA and Portland's TriMet, the similarities are shocking

The MBTA shelled out more than $863,000 last year to pay more than a dozen public relations and marketing staffers to promote the transit system, including spreading the news of possible fare hikes.
Barbara Moulton, the top marketing earner, was paid $111,757 last year as assistant general manager of customer communications and marketing, according to payroll records obtained by the Herald. Moulton oversees both the customer service and marketing divisions.
(Trimet shelled out a hell of a lot more than that!)
  Payroll report shows MBTA PR in high gear -

Scores of T bus and trolley operators raked in massive overtime last year — some pushing their take-home pay to $100,000 or more — by working extra shifts that put them behind the wheel for up to 14 consecutive hours, raising alarms over drowsy drivers.
“If it is not properly managed, you could see a risk,” said Stuart Spina, chairman of the T Riders Union. “I can imagine doing your regular shift and then the overtime ... if you have a trolley- or bus-load of passengers, you don’t want your operator to be nodding off.”
 T drivers’ overtime overdrive -


We would like to remind the Trimet managers of the general managers  WORDS to the Trimet Board of Directors.

TriMet bus drivers song....

Clowns to the left of me (management) Jokers to the right (public)

Jana Toran calls me up

Chief Trimet counsel Jana Toran called me and told me that a response is forthcoming on my request for Fred's (and his pals) pension records.

I can barely stand the wait, will she say yes or will she say no?

Is this picture our Jana Toran, it looks like her and it came up in a search for her picture.

City streetcar plans represent another developer-fueled heist

San Antonio TX

Guy who grabbed throat released....he's nuts

 And what do you know, Trimet is NOT releasing the video, as usual, citing, "the ongoing investigation"
(they always have an excuse)
How is it that other transit districts have no problem releasing videos, even if the investigation is ongoing?