Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TriMet boosts LIFT fares; increase to be phased in

TriMet: Bus driver who hit Tigard woman on Oregon 99W has 'good record'

The TriMet bus driver who struck a woman crossing Oregon 99W in Tigard last week has been identified as 64-year-old Tony Dauenhauer, a six-year veteran who has a clean driving record with the transit agency.
 Dauenhauer remains on administrative leave as TriMet conducts its own investigation. “He has a good record,” said TriMet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch.

Joe Rose Here!

Crime down on Trimet?

Despite recent rash of crime, TriMet says overall numbers are down -

TriMet bus shelters vandalized across Metro

ATU 757 President Jonathan Hunt: Stop the propaganda campaign!

Neil Macfarlane states clearly that he would rather have a strike then settle

ATU 757 president Jon Hunt addresses the Trimet board

What's wrong with this MAX train?

Actual Trimet bus stop sign

Nothing like senseless vandalism

TriMet bus shelters vandalized in Southeast Portland |

Lift passengers get the hike

 votes unanimously to hike LIFT van fares 32% for people w/ disabilities 

 TriMet: News Release - TriMet board approves phased-in fare increase for ADA LIFT rides

Portland police arrest in MAX station robbery

Press Releases


DART bus drivers ask tough safety questions | Dallas - Fort Worth



Fighting the mega monster

Light-rail fight picks up steam

Here is what a shot up shelter looks like

TriMet considering fair increase for LIFT service


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Jumper on Hawthorne bridge oh wait they just jumped

1,111 jobs created so far

Is it believable? Who knows...........


Neil Macfarlanes latest comments on the labor ruling (with my insightful comments of course)

I wanted to post an update to our efforts to secure a new ATU contract.  It’s taken more twists and turns over the past week.  First, the arbitration is delayed until mid-May.  Second, the ERB once again limited the issues the arbitrator will have before him.
On February 16, 2012, Employment Relations Board (ERB) issued an order that precludes TriMet from making any wage proposal as part of our final offer in the arbitration with ATU. This decision comes just three days after the arbitrator, at ATU’s request, agreed to a second delay in the interest arbitration that would resolve our long standing labor contract dispute with ATU. The arbitration is now delayed until mid-May. Previously, the ERB eliminated from the arbitration most of TriMet's proposals intended to reform the medical plans that we believe are out of step with the market.(see GREECE for market conditions) As you know, this year we are trying  to close a 17 million dollar budget shortfall mostly with service cuts and fare increases. The latest ERB decision is posted on our website.

Somebody is using shelters for target practice

Bus shelters on line 19 with bullet holes

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Over 10 bus shelters with broken glass panels on the line 14 route from 12th Ave to 82nd.more money down the drain and budget shortfall

Humanity on Wheels: An Evening of Mass Transit Tales! (20-March-2012)

"TriMet" (sculpture)

Scores killed in Argentina train crash


The insanity will never end in Oregon

Another rail (or trail) line to another Podunk town?

Forest Grove envisions transit link, Congress envisions cuts to projects

2 new cronies for Neil's board of sock puppets

Warner, who will represent Washington County, has had a long career in public policy and transportation in Oregon. Most recently, he served as interim city manager of Hillsboro, Ore., and before that was director of the Portland Development Commission. He also served as director of the Oregon Department of Transportation and director of Washington County’s Land Use and Transportation.

Stovall, who will represent east Multnomah County, currently serves as executive director of the East Metro Economic Alliance. He previously was president of the Gresham Chamber of Commerce.

Not around here

so when do you think outside the box and stop with the cuts? The board of directors doesn't even use transit.

Your speed


Part 1
Part 2 (jump to 15 minutes)

Trimet market share

Mayhem in the streets

Two teens accused of robbing another at knifepoint on a Gresham MAX platform |