Thursday, February 23, 2012

BART board of directors takes a clear stand againt violence against employees!

BART - BART Board: Zero tolerance for attacks on front line employees

Award winning idea

Set up an occupy encampment across from Macfarlane's house!

The check is NOT in the mail!

If operators are expecting some sort of payment to be forthcoming you are in for a big disappointment!
It could be quite some time before any money is received as this winds its way through the system
Via Jeff Ackerson

Fred's mail piling up

Our $15k/mo man has sold his nw condo (at significant loss)!

He provided the wrong forwarding zip code so all his mail is piling up at the post office!

Tony driving "training bus"

That's right. Operator involved with Tigard crash being "retrained". He is in this bus.


Director of OPAL says TRIMET lacks credibility
The board has no answers for Michael Levine
Does the board have any idea what its like to be disabled?
Disabled rider attempts to illustrate his plight!

Regarding those 1,100 jobs.....

A conservative (which I am far from being) would do the math and misleadingly say that 1,111 jobs from a $1.5 billion project means each job cost over a million dollars to create. This would be misleading because it doesn't factor in the cost of the raw materials nor does it consider the value of the finished project or product. Since Trimet, however, is a transit agency, the real questions should be more about the fact that these are largely temporary construction jobs as opposed to permanent transit jobs. The one dimensional, one trick pony aspect of more and more light rail sacrifices creativity and resources that could better be used to build a robust transit agency. A modern total transit system, conveniently serving all neighborhoods of the region, would build ridership and revenues through frequent and reliable service. Implementing bus rapid transit as well as electric trolley buses are just a couple low cost (relative to rail) ways Trimet could go about improving it's service and sustainability while creating good, permanent transit jobs. The federal matching funds for doing this are there, management needs only to go after them.


He was in the background of the speakers at the TriMet board meeting!
His name is JC Vannatta.


When is TRIMET going to make "choice" riders pay their fair share?
Board members make out big time in Chicago
CTA Open Fare System
2012 Budget Recommendations: Labor Reforms, Work Rule Changes Key to Preventing Increased Fares and Service Cuts


The new light rail bridge


Crime and punishment



Zook used to drive a bus for an urban transit district in Northern California. There was much about the job that she loved, especially the economic rewards -- decent pay, good family medical benefits, and a great pension. But after 10 years behind the wheel, Zook hit the wall. Squeezing a 20-ton machine through city streets rife with traffic jams, potholes, road construction, jaywalkers, bike messengers, double-parked trucks, and often heedless motorists had taken its toll. The job's day-to-day stresses on her body and nerves had built up over the years and emerged in clenched muscles and crying jags.


Insightful commet left at Portland A-Foot

THIS COMMENT was left on Michael Anderson's blog in his interview with Cynthia Chilton:

The financial problem has been a long time in the making. Ask any employee of TriMet's Training Department, and you can discover that this is a hole dug by TriMet management a long time ago. Three decades ago, full retirement was at age 62, with a 20 year vesting for Union employees. The pension was tiny. But there was the promise of improving seniority over time, and health care in retirement. Employees could retire early at age 55, but with a much-reduced pension -- out of compassion for drivers who developed health problems and could no longer drive. It was hard to survive retirement at 55 with no social security until 62, and a tiny pension. TriMet is not part of PERS.

Who goes where?

TriMet New Bus Driver Class

This is a fairly large group of 16 students.


Part 1
Part 2

Blood suckers smell blood

Tri-Met bus accident lawyer « Portland Accident News

Interesting attendence chart