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In a moment of weakness,I bought'em.

Down on Cripple Creek

Sunset Transit Center Garage 10am

European City Invests in New Buses!

Portland claims it's going to be the "Most-European" City in America...

Here's what European cities do:  INVEST IN BUSES!!!

Las Vegas investing in bus service

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) announced its plans to install 150 new solar-powered bus shelters throughout the Las Vegas Valley as part of its federally funded transit amenities program.

(Wait...TriMet claims federal funds can't be used on bus amenities?)

“As a result, these 150 new bus shelters are estimated to save taxpayers about $54,000 a year in energy costs.”

(Whoa, a transit agency using federal funds to improve service AND cut costs????  Haven't I been saying that all along?)

The purchase and installation of the 150 new energy-saving shelters is funded by a $1.8 million formula grant from the Federal Transit  Administration FTA that must be allocated for transit enhancement projects such as transit shelters.

(You mean...there's a specific federal grant program that pays for bus shelters?!!!)

In total, the RTC has approximately 3,500 transit stops valley-wide and 1,500 stops have shelters.

(Let's see...1,500 of 3,500 is... 43% of bus stops have shelters, in a city in the high desert?!!!)

Meet the new MBTA superheroes -



World Class Weatherstripping on a Merlo Dinosaur

The bus rider who jams yappers' cell phones


House Bill 4025


"Reel in this monster!"

TriMet GM Sees A Problem, Will CRC and C-Tran Take Note? « Clark County Conservative

"More and better" yea sure....

Though TriMet's present is full of "bad news," TriMet Planner Tom Mills told members of Aloha-Reedville's citizen participation organization Thursday night that his job is to talk about the future, where the driving principle will be "more and better service for the Westside."

 TriMet planner to Aloha resident group: West side will see 'more and better service' |

Joe Rose at trolley barn

You gotta appreciate Rosney's enthusiasm

SP Red live reporting

Leaving #trimet tigard TC two guys in the back apparently feel that "fuck" is every third word. Another reason 97% don't ride #trimet

On a #trimet 12 heading home to get a sick child, just passed by ANOTHER 12 at Capitol Hill?? Thanks #trimet this is why 97% don't ride TM

23 riders aboard #trimet 94 tr 0606 leaving 99W and Walnut... Cut Twitter/Facebook posts not #trimet bus service!!

Is the CRC a $3 Billion Light Rail project with a $380 million highway component!

To estimate what the bridge should cost, take the square footage of the deck of the I205 bridge and inflation adjusted it. Next calculate the square footage of deck of a 12 lane bridge from Evergreen Blvd to Hayden Island. They are within a couple percent of the same, therefore the CRC bridge should cost about the same as the, inflation adjusted, I205 bridge, $382 million.The other $3 billion is the true cost of the light rail project!

This is funny

The next time you see the west side maintenance take a look at the seat.

It's duct taped all up!
You know if the maintenance truck is all duct taped up we are in big shit!!

Media just spitting back Macfarlanes lies and distortions

TriMet needs strong leadership, new vigor
 SR editorial: TriMet cuts short-sighted compared to the impact | For ...