Monday, April 2, 2012

Portland gets a number 1 (hopefully they won't take this away)

(what does travel and leisure know about transit anyway?)

I'm #1!

Trimet has just taken 19 part timers full time!
Guess who gets the #1 seniority spot!


 It will be the only time I achieve a #1 status at TRIMET! Hooray!

Yoko, we hardly knew ye


Steve Fung's video of the week


buzer for engine oil ccontiinually going off...he says go aheead ...ya ok for him he doesnt have to listen to buzzer!....assholes

 so leader is stuck with lift out on the time i get there ppl had been waiting and hr and 10 mins..pissed off..i dont blame them

so they bring my bus to me with farebx jammed..front doors stick and take a bit to opoen and side window curtain reads line 62...great way to start monday

(comment-Anonymous said...1st class service at TriMess!)

.my back has been hurting alot lately!..oh well!..i think its the bus but not sure...
it didnt really start hurting daily until a few months ago when i started driving old buses again on regular basis