Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Environmental dangers of being a bus driver

That's great new, but it falls WAY short of the staff that "we" need to get rid of the toxic environment that "we" work in.  "We" as a union need to fill those work cards out on every bus, everytime "WE" turn them in.  There are categories that need to be checked off on, such as "burning smell, sulfur/rotten eggs, moldy/musty, solvent and other".  I took some time to find out some of the illness associated with those smells (listed below) and why it is important for "us" to recognize this as "our" major need for "our" full benefits restored.

Trimet bus driver dangers

Here is reason number 3 to fill out those "white cards".  INJURY'S while on the bus. 
This is my story.  Just the other week (the end of March), I got on bus number 1614, immediately noticed it smelled bad musty/moldy, and the ever present smell of a dust-like substance.  While driving this bus, I noticed the dust-like smell got more potent with an odd oil/coolant mix.  These combinations of smell made my eyes, nose and throat burn.  When I finished my shift, all these smell where still going, this time with a burnt smell, and I noticed that my face was itching badly.  I made out the white card for it then, went home.  When I got home, I washed my face (which helped), but my throat was still sore.  I woke up the next morning, brushed my teeth, gargled, spat and found that I had blood in the mucus.  I gargled until it was clear.  Went to work and talked to Chief Sue. She asked me to fill out a "report of occupational injury/illness form.  The form and the white card leaves a track record (with Acid number) of that toxic bus so that no one else will be affected.  I personally will not drive this particular 1600, until it has the HVAC and duct work cleaned and the heater in the front scrubbed, no one else should go threw this.
Protect yourselves and ALL TIMES

Look at the lovely equipment assigned to your Tuesday #57

Notice the overhead sign says, "Merlo Garage." It would not click over all day.

In all the world,there is only one

Electronic devices behind much of increase in thefts, other crimes aboard TriMet's buses and trains

Joe Rose

Occupy The State House!

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Occupy, Unions Plan 4/4 Day Of Action For Public Transportation, Blame Banks For Cuts

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Landing BOS Alaska Flight 30 Boeing 747-800

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TriMet's management team has launched a new fare confrontation campaign that we believe is unsafe and unfair. Specifically:
1. Road and Rail Supervisors have been told that, each day, we must confront a minimum of 35 people per hour, demanding to see their fares.
2. It is "expected" that these confrontations will result in each road and rail supervisor issuing at least 4 citations per hour.
3. These citations will cost the recipient $175 each.

PSU Vanguard

TriMet to release final budget proposal in mid-April | Portland State Vanguard

Getting away from "the Portland agenda"

Candidates elbowing for top Clackamas County seat

Medellin/San Francisco tops sustainable transportation lists

(Portland always seems to be on the tops of various travel mags. My theory, these publications are attempting to help Portland 'get on the map' of tourist destinations. It's pretty easy for a tourist to ignore Portland when you have the mega attractions to chose from. LA-SF-SEA. If your time and money were limited and you have to chose two citys on the west coast would Portland be part of the equation?)

Top honors go to-ITDP | Institute for Transportation and Development Policy : Get Involved : Sustainable Transport Award : Medellin, Colombia

 ITDP | Institute for Transportation and Development Policy : Get Involved : Sustainable Transport Award : San Francisco 2012 STA Nomination

Michael Anderson comes up with a snazzy cost analysis chart

Despite all the chatter, TriMet bus operator compensation is only 6 percent above average among similarly sized agencies. (However, this doesn’t include health benefits in retirement, something TriMet has promised its employees up the wazoo.)

Money. All of it. | Portland Afoot

Making a REAL commitment to transit

If Washington Can’t Commit, Chicago is Ready to Go It Alone

Lenny Anderson (fellow Portland Transport blogger) butters up the executives

While TriMet looks to cut service, we need to add more riders

Here's an idea for 'green' Portland

Bus-on-shoulder success prompts Pace to increase service — Joliet news, photos and events —



C-Tran discussing BRT

Bus rapid transit plan spurs lively city council debate | The Columbian


Use em up or trade em in

Tasing the innocent-POLICE STATE

Green's family told us he misunderstood directions from Trimet that he wasn't supposed to board a bus. Court records show Welch followed Green onto the bus, told him to get off and to take his hands out of his pockets. When Green didn't comply, Welch used his Taser. Moments later a backup officer also used his Taser on him.

Police settle with family of tased disabled man - KPTV - FOX 12

Blog title goes back to normal

Since the executive class at Trimet has decided to remove its union bashing headline from its front page over at, I decided that it is no longer necessary to be quite so crude on my headline.

Also since I am not using the word "trimet" no disclaimer is necessary!

Visitors first exposure to 'green' Portland

The green toilet handles complete with instructions at the airport!


The middle seat is UNOCCUPIED!