Monday, April 9, 2012

Better start finding a new parking lot

The Oregon Department of Transportation, City of Portland and TriMet will be renovating the Barbur Transit Center to provide better storm water run-off. Construction will begin April 23 and is due to be completed in September.
During construction, up to 100 parking spaces at a time may be temporarily closed. The Tigard Park & Ride adjacent to Regal Cinemas at 74th & Pacific Hwy has available parking and is served by the Lines 12, 64 and 94.

Sound familiar?

the rank and file at the company didn’t much trust management or their union leaders (“They feel like pawns in the game and they no longer want to be part of it,” he told managers in a recorded session). That’s been a recurring problem for labour negotiations, with ATU 279 members twice in recent years rejecting tentative agreements on work scheduling and barring future strikes and lockouts — deals that the city and union leaders had hailed as breakthroughs.


Vancouver will block light rail vote, for now | The Columbian

Traveling around

Portland airport-flying over America-Bosto…

Portland follows patterns of SF-poverty moving to suburbs

The Suburbanization of Poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area « Building Resilient Regions

Four injured as TriMet bus and car collide

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YUP, I'm actually a Masshole

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Bostonian's put up a good resistance effort, but we all know all the public meetings, hearings and all the online surveys are nothing but window dressing, the decisions are made behind closed doors without benefit of public input and then implemented after the "public show" has been completed. (public must be tricked into thinking that they actually matter)

However Boston, 10 times as large as Trimet, with a deficit 10 times larger than Trimet, has implemented a number of changes which TRIMET refuses to look at.

For example, charging riders on commuter rail substantially more, charging for parking at the various park and rides and several other items

Those of us that follow TriMet know that anything that threatens rail ridership is not going to be considered.

Trimet (Portland) has been selected by policy makers as its retail sales outlet, the place where people go and buy their rail boondoggles, or as I like to call it, SARDINE CAN TRANSIT,  pack in as many as possible. (and of course it's a big help to developers because it takes a mostly low income strata of citizens and sends them to the place that is selected to be on the line, be it factories or boxes that they can live in. Millions can be made in this process.)

The only people that pay for financial 'problems' (term used loosely as management problems only apply to employees and riders) are the bus riders via service cuts and all riders via fare increases.

The fare increases hurt the bus riders the most, for obvious reasons.

The interesting thing about Boston vs Trimet is how much cheaper it still is too ride the MBTA than Trimet, and that is after the fare increases. (very weird)

Both agencies used almost identical techniques in their attempts to manipulate the minds of the citizens. Obviously some form of collaboration exists between transit district executives.

South of Boston, riders cope with cuts in public transportation and higher fares - The Boston Globe


“They tricked us into thinking the 20 percent increase is OK, because there was talk of much bigger increases and service cuts,’’ said Heidi Kuczmeic, a Franklin resident who gets dropped off at her local train station every morning for her commute into Boston. (THEY PLAY THE SAME GAMES AT TRIMET)

Despite MBTA fare hikes, train commuters will still be riding the rails - The Boston Globe


Transit across the country is rising dramatically since gas prices have started climbing again.
How have the policy makers dealt with American's need for transit service?

U.S DOT: Transit Ridership Up Again in February, Increase Highest Since 2005 | Transportation Nation