Sunday, April 22, 2012

TWEETS you won't see on the 'how we roll' blog

Almost go hit by two teenage girls in their mom's minivan. ? Haha they hit the trimet pole instead of my car tho.

just arrived at gresham tc on the 9, 5min ahead of schedule. Wonder if the driver flooring all the way here was the cause. Num 9-42.

u shoulda seen the way he pulled in at 136th (stop 4585). If I wasn't standing by a telephone pole, I fear I may have been hit.

TWEETS you won't see on the 'how we roll' blog

 Lol @trimet sign at Broadway and Everett says stop closed and points to stop at Everett and park. Sign at Everett and park sends to Broadway

Ran out of all day Trimet passes today, stranger hands me a valid ticket right before I was going to buy one. #win

My commute: Bus to Clack TC, MAX to Beav TC, WES to Hall & Nimbus. It takes 2 hours, but I always feel like I got my $'s worth from Trimet.

@ehurtley @rdpollard @twd3lr I don't think he's used to mass transit yet. He comes from AR where they have 1 bus to service the entire state

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