Friday, May 25, 2012

Here's a good idea for Trimet

MTA Sending Bus Managers To Hear Customer Suggestions -

I had a very interesting conversation with disability advocate Micheal Levine

Bus service for special needs students suspended due to strike


My thoughts on Heitzman/Hunt ticket

I pretty much have the same issues that everybody else has about the Hienzman/Hunt ticket.
But I do have to defend the both of them on one respect, THEY HAVE GOTTEN US A PRETTY DECENT CONTRACT up to now.
And if they win the arbitration, then they have proven to have outfoxed the Trimet management.
That is not something to be ashamed of, that is a big deal.

What exactly was the problem that Trimet had with Larry Porter saving the woman being beaten

He didn't follow this SOP:

Latest dispatch updates

Trimet over the airwaves-May 21-1:41PM-8:56PM
 Trimet over the airwaves-May 21/22-9pm-12:51pm
Trimet over the airwaves May 23/24-7:22pm-1:20pm
 Trimet over the airwaves May 24/25-1:20pm/1:02am
 Trimet over the airwaves May 22/23-12:51pm-7:22pm
 Trimet over the airwaves May 25-1:02am-11:54am

Trimet sets record

An astonishing number of part time operators were made full time during the last round-30 part timers were moved to full time, a new record

Trimet screwed itself

Remember a couple years back when Mcfarlane tried to instill panic among the troops?
There was a hiring freeze and voluntary leaves?
During that period people were retiring, getting fired, and quitting.
Now they are on a hiring binge and they can't quite catch up!
So what changed so drastically in those last 2 years?
Or was it all a bluff to scare the union employees and now they beg to get operators to fill runs?
There was never any explanation on why such a drastic turn of events.

Michael Conner comments

Does anyone else wonder how poorly did the Human resources job interviewer do their job that hired Ron Heintzman at the MV property that their campaign is claiming as Rons ATU employer. I can imagine the interview in my Mind.

HR INTERVIEWER: Mr Heintzman you seem to have not have put anything on your job application about past work history what have you been doing for work for the past twenty five years.

If you haven't seen this very creatve video its worth seeing

Note; I didn't make the video but I love the production. Truly a classic

Right Here!

Trimet handing out tickets like there is no tomorrow

TriMet: Fare enforcement continues

I'm definately going to take advantage of this

New bus service from Portland to Seattle starts at $1 one-way |

Ruling elite all fall into line

Milwaukie City Council to decide how to pay $4.1 light rail obligation |

Thursday, May 24, 2012


After the altercation with Bike Portland and the Marcus Griffith dispute that lead to several manufactured complaints (rumor has it that all the phony complaints were written  by Mr Griffith) I began audio taping my entire day at Trimet.

Every single conversation that I had with with everyone during my work shift is in a library of audio tapes in my possession.

Towards the end of my employment I was called into the office for 'not calling stops' and given a warning.
It was said on the "Stalinist" report that I called NO STOPS.
(Trimet has adopted the techniques of Josef Stalin by using First Transit 'spies' that masquerade as passengers and make anonymous complaints that were taken as gospel that drivers could not see or dispute)

I checked that days tape and could prove it was a lie.

Of course Trimet rules prohibited drivers from audio or video recording riders/drivers without their express permission. (Trimet records everything without permission)
So I couldn't roll out my evidence to prove my innocence. I got the hint though, the management had gone to the length of manufacturing bogus complaints on me, which means they wanted me out.
Hence on my 58th birthday I obliged them.

I didn't go to their parties or participate in their little events because I knew they were phony.
They didn't like me and I didn't like them. The management has turned unethical since Mcfarlane (thinking he is the "new sheriff in town") took over the operation.

The only good thing about working at Trimet from my point of view, if you can actually take the abuse for 10 years or more, you can make some money and get a small pension with benefits. (for now)

I would recommend to any Trimet employee working directly with the public to take steps to protect themselves since the company refuses to to do anything to protect their employees.

The  irony of my resignation, I was one of the best operators they had. Stellar safety record and almost no complaints and none about me personally.

I listen to the dispatch channel on my scanner now and can really see how good I really was.

As in most organizations with incompetent management,  they tend to chase the competent employees right out of their organizations.

Arrest made in Trimet cell phone thefts

Press Releases


Steve Fung exploring the world

Hawks and Falcons at Metro's Transfer Station - YouTube

Another Trimet driver in the news

Bus driver, riders help lost toddler

When is TriMet going to join the modern world?

punkrawker blogs on: PRESTO, A different kind of Smart Card


The Official Blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation


TransLink: SkyTrain boosting profits

Bus driver in Santa Fe uses Trimet "scan" system on turns and runs over elderly man

Walker survives hit by Santa Fe bus


Too much overtime | Wichita Eagle

PSU Vanguard comments on the new bus purchase

Trimet hatchet man (Steadman) lays down union election rules


Trimet wastes no time spending the federal boondoggle money

Of course after they took the 'cut' (administrative fee)

Siemens Receives $73 M Light Rail Vehicle Order From Portland's TriMet -- ATLANTA, May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big shots party

Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project: Library - Citizens Advisory Committee

Graffiti at Burnside and 12th

                          I was on 5 buses and one street car today.This cross walk sign just cracked me up.

MAX camera captures deadly accident

Was almost run over by Trimet bus

Transit Intelligence

Trapeze Banner Ad

Testimony Regarding TriMet Proposed FY 13 Budget |

Cascade Policy Insitute

Larry Porter called into the managers office

Reliable sources have informed me that Larry was called into the office and given a warning about getting out of his bus and intervening in the dispute that has made him famous.

Trimet made if clear to Larry that the district can get sued due to his actions, he was instructed to never attempt to intervene again.

Trimet drivers are supposed to call dispatch and report incidents such as the one that made headlines.

Mother, daughter who held down and slugged TriMet passengers were treated rudely and shoved as they lashed out |

Mother, daughter who held down and slugged TriMet passengers were treated rudely and shoved as they lashed out |

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Classic tweets


Milwaukie Light Rail Singers

Government ruling elite hold party for themselves

Steve Fung's video of the week aka driving mold infested buses



Monday, May 21, 2012

Gangs and crime ride into town on MAX, survey finds


Dispatch highlights

A loud BOOM
 Man threatening a woman
 thump thump thump thump
 Silent alarm goes off
 Shut the fuck up and drive
 We don't have any help out here

Transit Hypocrisy

Cascade Policy Insitute

Dispatch highlights

dispatch covers for operator mistake
 Riders stranded for an hour
 Bus gets egged

Settlement reached in the First Transit strike

Details HERE!

Bruce Peek explains why he is picketing the Oregonian




Click Here!

Meet a real bus stop (Paris)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Candidate Bruce Peek on the union state of affairs

Oh yea, here's a few more million that I found for TriMet

Just look Here!

Trimet says they are $12 million short

Well here is $5 MILLION of it.

High priced bureaucrats always love to throw a party for themselves

Feds set to commit to MAX project

I have nothing to do with this video but I have to say it gets an A in creativity

This is just to creative to not be part of my blog!

MEET THE ATU 757 OFFICER CANDIDATES (in no particular order)

What mold exposure can to do you!

Since I've been away from driving for a few months, my asthma/allergy symptoms have cleared up substantially!


Mcfarlane whines about Trimet turning into a health care agency

But its already turned into a property development/information technology agency!

There are no federal laws governing transit working hours

So what is Trimet doing about its unsafe buses?

Fascinating incident regarding a bicyclist hit by a TriMet bus

Classic dispatch HERE!


A Metro bus driver was shot Sunday morning in West Hollywood and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s homicide detectives were en route to the scene.
The incident happened about 9:10 a.m. at Santa Monica Boulevard and West Knoll Drive.
Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokesman Capt. Mike Parker Tweeted at 11:11 a.m. that a bus passenger fatally shot a Metro Los Angeles bus operator.
A suspect has been detained, Parker Tweeted.
Metro spokesman Rick Jager said the bus driver died at 9:30 a.m. at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.
“From our perspective we are very concerned about this incident,” Jager told City News Service. “It is a very highly-unusual situation. “Our CEO went to the scene to express his condolences. We are very concerned about our fellow employees.”

Weekly readership report

Belgium takes over the #2 spot?




The TriMet Board of Directors' meeting originally scheduled for May 23, 2012 has been moved to June 13, 2012 due to schedule conflicts. The June 13 meeting will be held at 9 a.m. at the former Advantis Credit Union building at 3717 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR 97202.
During the June 13 meeting, the Board will hold the second reading of the proposed fare increase and service change ordinances that if approved, would take effect in September. The Board will also consider for adoption the agency's Fiscal Year 2013 Budget.

Safety committe minutes

Discussion and Updates: Until mechanical/electronic warnings can be devised or improved, the first step should involve training for Operators regarding awareness and where their efforts should be focused while operating the lift device.

Trimet accident review and appeal policy


Light rail safety meeting minutes


Saturday, May 19, 2012


 Rider takes transfers-----> Dispute over 10 cents gets ugly
 I can't take anymore
 They're both off the bus and calling 911
 Bee swarm at 43&Broadway
 Transit cop says turn this bag into a supervisor
 Leonard almost runs the light
 Man upset at driver due to crosswalk incident
 Rider throwing sunflower seeds all over the floort
 Smelly passenger allowed to stay
 Smelly passenger asked to leave

Transit workers in Portland Oregon are under attack

Farewell Al


McFührer gives notice that he intends to use Trimet as his personal propaganda machine

(Even the arbitrator is skeptical of Trimet funding projections. We all know they lie, which is why McFührer is so intent on using propaganda in order to distort the public's view on the matter)


The nation called Ed Ray a hero when he led a terrified group of children to safety after they were kidnapped aboard their school bus and held underground for ransom in the summer of 1976.


To take advantage of Opticom traffic signal priority treatments at 39th & Hawthorne, the westbound stop for Line 14-Hawthorne was recently moved from NS (adjacent to Jiffy Lube) to FS (adjacent to Fred Meyer). This move is expected to greatly help reduce delays at this intersection.

Real Trimet public relations planning

I just got a call from the General Manager's office. They will be announcing to the public/media the early opening of Interstate MAX next Tuesday, September 16th at 1pm in the afternoon.

Real Trimet incident reports

Three conditions in the external restrooms at St. Johns Racquet Club, 7519 N. Burlington Ave, are unacceptable in my opinion and the opinion of many operators who use them.

First of all, while I can't confirm that it is a TriMet employee(s) doing this there is ball-point pen graffiti repeatedly showing up on the walls in both restrooms. These restrooms are accessible with our key and to the best of my knowledge we are the main users of this facility. I have observed graffiti referencing internal TriMet matters in the past so I am suspicious that a/some employees may be writing on the walls.

Real Trimet incident reports

->Comment=Two weeks ago I took one of your supervisors that was working on 6th and Taylor and showed him the bus stop on Main St. in between 4th and 5th heading west, next to the Multnomah County Court House. I showed him the tree that is just to the east of the covered bench. What he saw was how worn away the roots of this tree are because your bus driver insist on stopping their bus so that the front door is just to the west edge of the covered bench, which puts the back door directly in line with this tree and its roots.

Dispatch updates

Trimet over the airwaves-May 18-11:55am-11:08pm
 Trimet over the airwaves-May 17/18-11:06pm-11:55am

Think back-to when we had enlightened managers


This is the man I went looking for yesterday on the 54

MaxRedline no fan of TriMet

MaxRedline: Tri-Met: Who Ya Gonna Believe? Us, Or Your Own Lying Eyes?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Talk about rude?

Trimet adventures-episode 1

Today I hit the Trimet system as a private citizen, finally having the right to do what ordinary citizens can do but Trimet bus drivers cannot. These will be a new series of on scene films, this time out of uniform and as a rider.

Rather than the one really long episode they are broken down into segments. As with all my material most of it is boring, but there are some real gems within the body of these movies. 

TRIMET MANAGEMENT-be advised that this is PROPRIETARY MATERIAL WHICH I HOLD COPYRIGHT TOO! You do not have permission to use it in any sort of disciplinary procedure. If I want to make a complaint with MY MATERIAL I will. You do not have my permission to use it against anyone, ever!

Trimet adventures-episode 1-part 1-Downtown Portland
TRIMET ADVENTURES-episode 1-part 2-on the bus 54
Trimet adventures-episode 1-part 3-where's Norman?
Trimet adventures-episode 1-part 4-back on the 54
Trimet adventures-episode 1-part 5-on the MAX again then the 48 bus
Trimet adventures-episode 1-part 6-running into Big Bird and riding the MAX home


KBOO here!

34 dead in Vietnam bus crash

TriMet regular rider Stuart Fishman at the Oregonian!

TriMet transparency

Regarding Joseph Rose's informative May 13 article about TriMet employee health care ("Is TriMet about to drive over a cliff?"): Though a minority of TriMet employees (management) and The Oregonian have enormous access to the public, the majority of TriMet employees, the union members, have hardly any access.

I'm a bus rider. I've talked to some of the drivers, and there is more to this issue than has been reported by TriMet management or The Oregonian. As a public organization in a democratic society, TriMet should feature the union side of the story on its website, next to the management's story. TriMet has done a great job of organizing hearings where the public can comment on fare increases and schedule changes. We need forums where management, union members and the public can express their opinions and listen to each other. Maybe that will help resolve the issue.

How about it, TriMet management?

Southwest Portland


Crime train news!

MAX Green Line ships gangs to Clackamas County, survey suggests

C-Tran replacing recalled tires ASAP...TriMet "waiting"

PORTLAND, Ore. – Commuters using C-Tran buses can rest easier on the ride home. After a frantic few days, the agency said it has replaced nearly 600 bus tires that were recalled.

Michelin recalled nearly 78,000 tires last month. The company said "faulty casings" were prone to a "loss of integrity."

When you..... can get an answer:
@AndWorse: @trimet Would you happen to know why the bus shelter at SW Barbur & Bertha was removed, please? Is this permanent?
@trimet: @AndWorse The shelter in front of Fred Meyer was removed during construction of the store and some work on the street.
@trimet: @AndWorse It should be replaced next week.

Out riding today

Trimet finally gets some new buses

Click here!

Confessions of an ex Trimet bus driver-checking fares

I never checked fares.
Why you may ask?
Because I was witness to too many incorrect transfers being given out to riders.
Incorrect day codes, incorrect times, incorrect zones.
The amount of operator errors is much larger than people think.
As far as the MAX tickets, I could not read them.
It would require me having each passenger stop, hold it close, and have me read it.
 I also  did not see the difference between the passes and the tickets.
They all looked the same.

I really felt that riders get a bad deal from Trimet.
They deal with broken fare machines, incorrect transfers given by operators, and fare boxes that don't count correctly.

Because of all this mess with the Trimet fare system, I only pretended to check the fares.
I was happy to give Trimet riders a break. 

Only in the very beginning of my employment with Trimet did I take the fare system seriously. After a couple of years I learned it was a joke and a rip off for Trimet riders.

Latest dispatch updates

Trimet over the airwaves-May 14/15-11:00pm/12:15pm - YouTube
 Trimet over the airwaves-May 15/16-12:15pm-1:00am - YouTube
 Trimet over the airwaves-May 16/17-1:00AM-5:05pm
 Trimet over the airwaves-May 17-5:05PM-11:02PM - YouTube

Stay out of weird city Sunday morning

Rock and roll marathon?

This is cool

Live Milwaukie Bridgecam
Southwest view

Classic tweets

PSU Vanguard

Larry Porter stories

Greece No Longer a Nation; Announces Plan to Become Social Network

Read Story Here

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Am I going to get yelled at again?

Confessions of a ex Trimet bus driver-giving transfers

I always gave all zone transfers with at least 2 hours from the end of the line.
It's not laziness that prompted me to do that.
I gave out the ALL ZONES for a couple of reasons, first of all, and most importantly, the fare boxes were wrong.
Somebody would put in 2 one dollar bills and several coins.
The counter would show $2.25, I would give them a 2 zone transfer.
2 minutes after they sat down another quarter would drop through the fare box.
I had one too many incidents of this probably 3 years into my working at Trimet.
The benefit of the doubt always goes to the riders.

In regards to the 2 hour transfer.
How could Trimet management justify (of course I know they don't justify anything because they don't have too) giving a rider who lives on a route that gets once an hour service a one hour transfer when other riders live in areas that have 3-4 buses an hour get the same deal?
How is that transit equity?
I implemented OPAL's campaign for a fair transfer before OPAL suggested it. 
(you have power when you are a bus driver)

Woman wants driver to operate her wheelchair

Trimet supervisory reports

Classic dispatch-light rail

Chasing people down the MAX light rail tracks

Actually its the FED's that are partially to blame for TRIMET'S problems

Whereas the federal government was willing to cover more than half of the costs of a $523 million light rail expansion to Pittsburgh’s North Shore — opened in March — it can do nothing to cover the agency’s $64 million operating deficit expected for next year because of Congressionally imposed rules about what Washington can and cannot pay for.
The counterintuitive result is that cities that are doing well economically are able to pay for improved transit services whereas those with many economic problems — the ones where transit is often needed most — are left to cut operations dramatically. Thus regional inequities are reinforced.

The Economic Crisis Rolls on in Cities like Pittsburgh « The Transport Politic

Check out what happened to this bus driver

Click here!

Noam Chomsky on labor unions/health plans/Obama

Light rail continues to please EVERYONE

Trimet budget crisis update

Click Here!

Classic dispatch

Chasing people down the MAX light rail tracks

Want some Trimet ART?

Portland Trimet Bus Tickets by kateconsumption on Etsy

It's official-Trimet leads the world in transit apps if not in ridership

Fed's pony up what they committed to

TriMet receives $85 million federal grant for Portland-Milwaukie MAX line |

TriMet bus drivers that walk the walk

A man was repeatedly punching a woman. Nearly as shocking to Porter, none of the northbound drivers in front of his Line 24 bus had stopped to help.
 "I have six sisters and daughters, man," he said. "I'd want someone to stop if that was one of my daughters being attacked."

 TriMet driver comes to rescue of woman being beaten along Southeast Portland traffic ramp |

TriMet Bus drivers that walk the walk

Some driver's have more feeling than other drivers regarding passengers. Then some go the extra mile for passengers.

When A rider put his monthly pass into the fare box (because most UP TO DATE transit systems have passengers SWIPE passes into a reader) the rider accidentally put his pass into the cash side of the fare box.

Most drivers would have explained the procedure for dealing with the bureaucracy and let the riders deal with it themselves, THIS DRIVER got out of his bus, went over to the MAX vending machine, and bought the rider a new pass.

The driver had to deal with the bureaucracy to get the money back, and it was quite an ordeal I understand.

That is remarkable, and I know of very few drivers would would do such an act of kindness for a stranger.

Police nab man accused of bus stop stabbing


$15 to Vancouver BC (and 5 more things you didn’t know about BoltBus)

Portland Afoot

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Live dispatch call feed problem corrected

I was listening to a communication so I had the scanner set to hold that channel.
You might have noticed very limited communications.

Aloha mom arrested after toddler found wandering 4 times Portland

More Mold on the Petri Dish Express

While washing all the windows today before starting my 3867, I noticed the light fixtures sporting this wonderfull growth that the drivers and riding public must inhale.

Where's the shelter?

TriMet so kindly REMOVED the bus stop shelter at Barbur & Bertha, in front of the Burlingame Fred Meyer...

How many MAX shelters were removed?

TriMet bus driver rescues 2-year-old girl from Washington County traffic

Ron Green doing book signing

Fact Finder forum-for Trimet bus operators

Almost every Operator I have spoke with has "A Story to Tell" regarding the issues of The Dirty Bus(s).  Many of you knew this introduction email would be coming, and now is the time for your story to be heard and make a difference in our workplace environment.  And please believe me, it will!!

TriMet, BoltBus show off new buses in Portland

Thank god for buses

TriMet train service restored after fatal early morning car wreck |

2 men stabbed in Tigard, suspect captured Portland

Milwaukie mayor leaves TriMet for Portland Streetcar

Click Here

Monday, May 14, 2012

Classic Tweet

Classic Dispatch

Lift bus hopelessly lost

Time to take a look at this excellent essay again

Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. | MAX FAQs

And now we have DAVID GABA who will decide the future of Trimet

Who is David Gaba, the arbitrator deciding TriMet, union battle royale?


Jim Harris retirement
 Shaler's retirement
 Operator of the month
 Al M's retirement



TriMet Lift operators get tentative contract deal in wage dispute |

Ignorance at the Oregonian




$96,964.00 - $145,443.00 Annually

Steve Fung's video of the week

TriMet 15 Belmont 23rd Avenue week. - YouTube

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What is the best thing about being retired from TRIMET


MAX incident-behind the scenes

You might have seen Max Derailment, April 20th, 2009 video, well this is the action behind the scenes at the light rail communications center at a recent even RIGHT HERE!

This was a 2 hour incident that was painstakingly edited myself so you can 'hear' the whole incident in format that is useable.

When you retire you don't have to pay union dues anymore

Unless you want to! Look at the great opportunity it gives us: (I joined)

Good time to revisit this excellent MAX FAQ's post

This job will kill you | MAX FAQs

"no eating while driving"

Real Trimet supervisory reports

"Saving the transfers"

Real Trimet supervisory reports:

"I was focused on getting to the relief"

 Trimet supervisory reports

It is a TriMet news release passed off as news

A Perspective from Portland: Journalism takes a dunking at times in the Portland Tribune. I realize there may be some public service involved when news media repeats wha...

Driver says she had car in reverse but didnt move

Actual Trimet accident report:

Transit fail

Transit debacle: Poor scheduling won't win sympathy from the state - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"A cup of coffee directly at the operator"

 ReaL Trimet supervisory reports:

"Will break off the guys leg and beat him with it

Real Trimet supervisory reports

"did you eat that?"

Real Trimet supervisory reports

My extinction makes the google alert!

I've been removed from Trimet History - RANTINGS OF A TRIMESS ...
By Al M
I've been removed from Trimet History. My name is not listed as changing to full time, making 15 years as an employee, or retiring, alas, I have achieved the ultimate status, complete removal from TriMet history! I had actually achieved a ...


Now that we have been acquainted with each other, NOW, is the time for action.  There is a number of things that "all" of us can do if "we" put "our" heads together.  This is a test of just HOW SERIOUS, you are about this situation.  Although, it is good to hear that Lift got the response they need to get back to the table, NOW, it's "our" turn.  As I told you that "we" need to put the pressure on this company to do the right thing and compensate "us" for creating an unsafe work environment.

Some great comments from the Oregonian article by Joe Rose

Viking96 |
  SP Red Electric |

When you get a call while your driving from customer service-here's why

Priority Incident customer calls
 What's a "direct access report"?
 "Non-immediate action for customer calls"

"direct access request"? (operators, everybody is watching you)


Fit for duty?

Real Trimet supervisory reports:

Trimet communication is on air


Crazy world

All this gnashing of teeth over our health care is laughable if one is able to see the bigger picture.
For example Trimet's unfunded liability which critics love to point to constantly is somewhere in the area of $800 million.But
But take a look at the City of Portland's:

Trimet's unfunded liability is nothing compared to the City of Portland.
But the media has made Trimet the issue, and the suckers out in the public buy it hook, line, and sinker.

I've been removed from Trimet History

My name is not listed as changing to full time, making 15 years as an employee, or retiring, alas, I have achieved the ultimate status, complete removal from TriMet history!
I had actually achieved a TRIFECTA, Saturday was my 15 year anniversary, Sunday was my full time status, and Monday I was retired. I should have made all three headings, "changes", "milestones" and "retired"!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mostly accurate history of Trimet labor agreements-he left out the Trimet expansion costs

TriMet workers, management appear headed for a major collision over benefits |


Seen and heard on Trimet 'yellow line' (how we DON'T roll)

Attacks and threats against transit worker on the increase in Portland too!

MTA Mulls Rewards For Helping Catch Transit Worker Assaulters: Gothamist

Trimet bus collisions map

Click here!

Bus 'sinks into bark dust'

Real Trimet supervisory reports:

Operator "stressed out"

Real Trimet supervisory reports



Friday, May 11, 2012

Can you imagine Trimet doing this? NO!

Honolulu rail transit agency releases administrative record - Pacific Business News

I guess TriMet won't be participating in this grand event

'That Boy Can Drive': Behind the Wheel at the 2012 International Bus Roadeo - Commute - The Atlantic Cities


This is the actual video that started the fight with the Trimet management that has culminated to the point I am today. Today I put it back into the public domain since I am retired as of the next business day that Trimet is open.  


Real management reports!


Real management incident reports

Bus driver almost runs over police officer-TWICE

Real management incident reports

Another crazy incident at a MAX station

Portland man with racist ties convicted in scuffle with officers at Clackamas Town Center |

Ex employee gets 9 years

Gladstone man gets 9 years in interstate child porn case |

This could be interesting

Shortlining investigation

 Real Trimet managment reports! Read from bottom up for correct sequence

"My back goes 'clicky click'"

Real management reports!

It's a driver problem

 Real Trimet management reports

I can get free stuff!

I was just contacted by the lovely Merlo administrative assistant and informed that I can still get my 'good bye' gifts!


Anyway just like Mchuff said I can get a $200 gift certificate and a clock or a tower!

I told her to give my gift certificate to the Portland Rescue Mission and can't decide whether to get a clock or a tower?

Decisions decisions, what ever will I do?


TriMet: Ridership continues to grow
 TriMet ridership continues to rise | TriMet Media

WES- 1700 weekday riders...divided by 32 trains (8 trains in each direction morning and afternoon, 16 morning and 16 evening trains)...

Average of 53 riders per train. That's impressive - FOR A BUS.

Lately TriMet/P&W has been running all trains as two-car trains. So...each "train" (car) has 80 seats, so 160 seats for a two car train. That's an average of...33% load factor per train!

What's worse...each Colorado Railcar DMU has three engines - two just to move the train, one for onboard electric (HVAC). Each bus has...well, one engine. The engines on the WES train I believe are 600 horsepower; on a bus it's closer to 300.

So TriMet is burning fuel for up to six engines to run at one time...for 53 riders? (And it takes two employees versus the one bus driver...)

I forgot, rail is ALWAYS more efficient...ALWAYS.(via Erik H)

Privatization failure in Britain

Human Transit: guest post: peter brown on the decline of u.k. privatization of transit


I had a conversation yesterday with one of my gal pals from Trimet.
She described for me the torture that she had to face during her 10 hour shift at Trimet.

See how it works?

Trimet gets their 10% 'administrative' fee-Stacy and Witbeck get their 10% 'administrative' fee-somebody else does the work

Stacy and Witbeck | MOWAT are seeking Sub-Contractor Bids for ...
Stacy and Witbeck | MOWAT are seeking Sub-Contractor Bids for TriMetPortland to Milwaukie Light Rail Project-West Segment. Bids are due June 1, 2012 at ...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The streetcar goes over the Broadway Bridge



Readership last week

Here is an actual supervisory report about ME! (they had the wrong driver btw)

Someone had called 911 to report an operator that they believed was driving while under the influence.  The person said it was a line 58 heading to Beaverton TC.  However, the only 58 still out at the time had just left BTC heading to Portland.  Police did not feel the complaint was credible, but myself and unit 9115 still met with the operator.


Starting next week I will be out exploring the parts of the transit system that I never experienced during my career at Trimet.
I will also be re-discovering some of the early days of my career, back when I was doing crush loads and running extremely late.
Of course I will be taking along my trustee video camera to capture all the excitement.

And now I do it as a CITIZEN, no more disciplinary letters will be forthcoming.

This will be an interesting chapter in my life in Portland. I'm here for quite awhile it seems.
As long as I'm around, I might as well continue my hobby, TRANSIT BLOGGING. 
Now I can do it from the other point of view.
Since there are so many new drivers, I'm hoping I won't be recognized.
Most drivers may have heard of me somewhere, but they do not recognize me when they see me if they don't know me.
That has been my experience as an employee anyway, I surely do not want to be recognized as I prowl the transit system.


What you see in this post is the letter that disciplined me for doing things that are totally legal for average citizens and furthermore I was actually told by a former executive that I could do this activity. This was the actual beginning of the end of my career at Trimet. As you can see from the date of this letter, it took less than a year and a half to actually see me leave. I'm sure the managers are quite happy to be rid of me.
That was probably the intent all along, hence I really wanted to avoid them on my way out of here.


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Saturday will be my 15 year anniversary.
Sunday will be my one day full time. (taking floater for it)
And then Monday I retire!

My last video as a Trimet employee


OPAL continues being upbeat-despite Trimet managment throwing out their proposals

Dear AL,

There are rare moments when power shifts. It’s rarely captured on television, and sometimes not even recognized by the people in the room, but history has shown that significant change can happen based on the actions of small groups of people speaking truth to power—and then organizing in larger numbers so their truth cannot be ignored.

The complete and total failure of government supplied transit

For public transit, the recession’s still not over - The Washington Post

"Nice" "Sweet"

Real Trimet incident reports!

Remember the baby bus driver?

It just so happens that we have the supervisory report on that incident


Thousands of London drivers have threatened to strike over the Olympics unless they get bonus payments like their tube and rail counterparts. (What did I say about a light rail strike bringing terror into the heart of the Portland elites?)

London bus drivers threaten strikes during the Olympics - Telegraph

Check the rat!


What is it that they are scared of anyway?

Trimet lift strike coverage makes it around the US

 TriMet lift operators strike over wages -