Friday, April 27, 2012

Is TriMet playing hardball with homeowners for new light rail project?



call 911 if you know who this is

Mold on the Petri Dish Express

After thoroughly cleaning all the interior windows,I noticed the advertising placards had mold growing on them.When are we going to have clean buses for the drivers and the general public?

Warner tells everyone that the Trimet Board does not have to listen to the public


Gone through some drug testing-you need to get paid

The Union recently learned that TriMet may not have paid employees the reward payment for testing negative for reasonable suspicion (probable cause) and post accident alcohol and drug tests. Pursuant to the January 17, 1995 Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy Reward Payment Agreement, any employee who tests negative for a reasonable suspicion and/or post accident drug test is eligible to receive $100 or run/days work pay, whichever is greater. If you tested negative for these tests and were not paid the reward, contact your Union Representative. You will need to establish that you were tested, tested negative and did not receive the reward payment. This only applies to reasonable suspicion (probable cause) and post accident tests. It does not apply to random alcohol and drug tests.

 Amalgamated Transit Union -Local 757

Trimet union members vote for compromise with TriMet

 This is a major development in the dispute with Trimet, 757 members are no longer insisting that Trimet provide a fully paid health plan to union employees!

The vote count took place on Friday, April 27, 2012 and was supervised by Helen Goche, the duly elected Chair of the ATU 2012 Election Committee.
Proposal #1, maintain status quo: 336
Proposal #2, maintain status quo except insurance changes: 607

 Amalgamated Transit Union -Local 757

A former insider remarks:

The reporting of the SIP ULP outcome at this late date (April 26) is striking in it's lack of transparency.

This particular ULP decision is several months old..reporting on it now is demonstrates clear   disregard for truth and accountability by TriMet management.

TriMet staff used to sit in the Board audience with members of the public. It appears the "rules" have indeed changed. TriMet staff all line up and sit behind Neil--looks defensive and desperate..sad.

Take care.

Mcfarlanes BULLSHIT

At the last board meeting Mcfarlane talked about a decision that was handed down in Trimet's favor.
(video HERE)
That order was issued MORE THAN A YEAR AGO.( Read the order here.)
Yet he brings it up now?
I posted about this the day it was issued MARCH 30,2011

The most important aspect of this decision was that it was lost on a TECHNICALITY, not because of the argument that Mcfarlane presented to the board:

How many more MAX trains do they need? (revised)

Bus Driver Fights Passenger


Who's reading and from where?

Let's go to the starlight parade today!

Transit office workers win $172.7 million in Philadelphia

SEPTA-CULAR! 48 workers win $172.7M in Powerball

Your bus driver may be asleep at the wheel

CBS 21 News

New 'Get The Fuck Outta The Road' Program Aims To Increase Pedestrian Safety

New 'Get The Fuck Outta The Road' Program Aims To Increase Pedestrian Safety | The Onion

At least Trimet's latest boondoggle is creating some jobs, that's a good thing

The Big Pour starts Friday night for about 20 hours | TriMet Media

Adam Chris says bring the PUBLIC back into public transportation


The total failure of our mainstream media

Most bloggers are fully aware of the complete failure of the mainstream media in covering the news that people really need to hear.
After all that's why most bloggers blog, to provide an alternative source of information that is not provided elsewhere.

Nothing illustrates this failure in regards to local transportation news more than the little dog that was riding around on the MAX train.

Every single news source in the Portland area, and more than a handful from out of the area covered that story.

But was there any coverage of Occupy Portland's action at the Trimet board meeting? NOPE!
Was there any coverage of OPAL's excellent presentation to the board of directors regarding the Trimet budget? NOPE.

The news is what the media decides is news, the rest you don't get to know.

All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.
Marshall McLuhan

Transportation Tension

Portland Mercury