Thursday, May 3, 2012


Just finished your latest "rant' on your blog.  Great Post!

Have you noticed that being a bus driver is a form of punishment at TriMet?  I don't know what the situation was with Gail in which she was no longer the drug test lady, but she wasn't terminated, she became a bus operator.

Steve Gxxxxxxxx wasn't fired for his alleged sexual harassment, he became a bus operator.

And let's not forget about our friends at light rail, if you screw up there, guess what happens?  You go back to driving a bus.

And for further punishment, if you are full time, they force you to work overtime since there are few 8 hour runs available.

Management sure has high regards for what we do.  (or in your case, what you used to do)

Anybody seen this guys resume

The "Director of Diversity" had never had a job before this one

Trimet budget crisis update

Hiring the following:
Accounting Manager
Communication Specialist
Construction System Safety Specialist
Manager, Customer Information
Senior Budget & Forecasting Analyst
Part-time Bus Operator
Property Acquisition & Relocation Specialist
Senior HRIS Analyst
Systems Engineer II - Linux/Unix Server
Training Supervisor, Rail Transportation


I have just  been informed by one of my more reliable pals that it is not necessary to work my "one day full time". I still have my birthday and floaters even though Trimet rips off its part time employees by taking away their time off in order to take the "promotion" (from my point of view its a promotion to the end of a reasonable life style) My new plan is to use my birthday (alternate) and not work the one day of hell.

The truth is I never really fit into the Trimet culture, I was definitely Trimet counter culture.
Being treated as chattel as a number and not a human being is not something that I take well to. I knew immediately after undergoing the brutal 'line training' that full time here was not something I would ever be,  the brutality of driving a bus for 12 hours is not something I imagined even existed!

I maintained my sanity and my individuality through my blogging and writing.

This is what TRIMET does nowadays-providing actual transit is last on its list of priorities

Job Title: Communications Specialist
Salary: $3,749.33 – $5,624.33 Monthly
$44,992.00 – $67,492.00 Annually
Job Type: Non-Union Regular Full-Time

710 NE Holladay, Portland, Oregon
This position reports to the Project Communications Manager in the Capital Projects Division. Provide communication support to the Capital Projects Division with an emphasis on designing and editing communication materials, including but not limited to PowerPoint presentations, graphics, reports and signage, as well as execution of agency tours and event assistance,

Charges dismissed in TriMet passenger attack Washington - Oregon - Idaho

Portland Transport



Do Honor Systems on Mass Transit Work Better in Smaller Cities? - Commute - The Atlantic Cities

The truth about bus drivers

(from a text conversation)

more friends from the 57..haha

Boy they already celebrating. I would be too if I was a bus rider

haha..they sick of those drivvers out there

They should be
(there is an ocean of difference between the drivers that care and the ones that don't care)

Trimet ALWAYS has the money for the things the management wants

Some interesting ads to get people to ride the bus

Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) "Ride The Bus" 1993 TV Ad - YouTube
 How To Ride The Bus - Valley Metro Notes - YouTube
 B-Line Bus Ad - Jingle - YouTube
 SamTrans - Go Where You Wanna Go - YouTube

Trimet can only dream of commuter rail ridership like this

What's it like to take the train from Secaucus to New York Penn Station - YouTube