Friday, May 4, 2012

The health survey


Executive facilities

Gateway Transit you have to stand in leaking sewage to go to the bathroom, no heat in the bathroom, no hot water, it stinks the minute you walk in the door and the microwave is so dirty I think things are growing in it. And TriMet calls this a break room

Creative use of strapping tape

There is an apparent big air leak in an 18 year old Gillig that I drove today with the "multi-directional venting system". Make lemonade out of lemons.A previous driver obviously had enough.

We love the Streetcar!!

S.W. Naito Parkway & Harrison Street, approximately 11:45 AM Friday May 4, 2012.

Elderly woman falls on streetcar after riders refuse to give up seat


A few of the people that have influenced my life in the last 15 years

It's stacking up out there

When you finally get to retirement

You'll find the people that are working in the office dealing with all the retirement issues are extremely nice and helpful.

Most everybody I met working in the offices of Trimet were very nice people, at least to my face.

I never had a problem with any particular manager, on a personal level that is.
The station managers and the assistant station managers were basically following orders from above, that means Shelly or Hayden.

Even the 67 running with large loads these days

New flyer warning

The International has received a request from Local 1505-Winnipeg, MB, for information on health issues connected with New Flyer buses.
Local 1505 bus operators are experiencing an irritant that affects their ability to drive. This symptom bothers the sinuses to the point where it is hard to breath and causes nausea.
If your local has experienced these or other problems with the New Flyer buses, please contact Local 1505. They are particularly interested to know if anyone was able to find the source of the problem and what, if anything, can be done about it.
If you answer directly to Local 1505, please copy and the ATU Canadian Council ( so that we may keep this information on file.

Why we need to fight for our HEALTH INSURANCE

 Driving a Bus is Harzardous to Your Health
Chronic work-related diseases are hard to see just by looking at someone. Take your local bus driver, for example. Recent innovative research by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) shows that bus drivers and other "passenger transit workers" suffer greater rates of illness than workers in many other industries and occupations. Transit work is one of the top three jobs in which you face the highest risk of contracting 10 common diseases. Job-related hazards also contribute to the fact that these workers have 120% above the average rate for 9 chronic diseases.


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