Monday, May 7, 2012


Maybe I am a little weird, but I do enjoy listening in to the dispatch control center when I can.
To me its entertainment beyond any book, any movie, any lecture.
I myself can't believe how much I enjoy it.
Maybe its because I know exactly how it feels to be in the shoes of these operators and know many of the people that I hear.
I'm completely fascinated by it, its strange.
And the irony is they tried so hard to stop me from doing it.
If they had just let me continue seeing the acid reports none of this dispatch stuff would have even happened. But they shut down my access to the incident reports, hence I started looking for new ways to see what was going on out here.
I knew things were a mess out there.
I gotta tell ya though, its a bigger mess out there than I imagined.

Trimet activist HB

Mr. Hunt,
I want to congratulate you on single handedly destroying what little faith “we” have in your leadership. You’ve had done something that management “expected” you to do, “sell “us” out. In your latest “lay-down” tactic, you’ve compromised “our” position, now, and for “our” future. In your time since the contract expired, here is what “you’ve” accomplished:
· A lawsuit for unfair labor practice, success, ultimately what will this mean? Who knows?
· Informationals, failed, many times over.
· Challenge Trimet, in board meetings, failure, many times over.
· NOTHING ELSE, of any consequence.
Trimet doesn’t need to do a thing. They already know that you will implode. While you are using the same old augments, they laugh at every attempt you make to disrupt their process. As a leader, you have totally failed all those that put any type of faith in your administration. All the tough talk that I had heard from you and the other paid employee was nice to hear, but ultimately when the going got tough, your administration laid down, sad.

Trimet's budget is bigger than the City of Portland's budget

 TriMet actually has a slightly larger annual budget than the city of Portland.  That means that McFarland and his merry band of sock puppets control more public funds than Mayor Sam and the commissioners.  And guess who is elected, and who is not?
Mayor Sam Adams' final budget props up schools, protects public safety |
 TriMet: News Release - TriMet faces budget shortfall for FY2013

Temperature Rising..Fever is High

                                            240 degrees.Water boils at 212 .
                                                Click here for video!

People are being very unforgiving to bus drivers these days

‘Tony Q69’ fliers plastered throughout Queens bus route, slam driver -

Bobby Kennedy speaks at Pioneer Square about the coal industry

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I ran into Jefferson Smith at the Kennedy speech

I wanted to ask him about some of his traffic problems as reported by blogger Jack Bogdanski, (Smith blew off court dates for speeding) his response is  HERE!

How can anybody deny that this shows some serious problems in judgement?


Political change sweeps Europe - Ben White and Seung Min Kim -

Former Sunset Empire Transit District director indicted

Story here!

@trimet I think a fare inspector should accept this, particularly in the event of validator broken.

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Not all tweets are bad-via TriMet

Seen and Heard: $300,000 savings, a dance flashmob, and the Triforce symbol? « How We Roll – A Blog for TriMet Fans


Driver has refused to allow a citizen to film her or the bus stating that all members of the public must have written permission from Trimet in order to film. She gave me and Ellen Fox as the case study in the communication.
Employees are prohibited from filming each other or the public without 'express' permission.
The public can do whatever they want. (one of the reasons I am leaving Trimet, I want my civil rights back)

Rush hour trippers