Friday, May 11, 2012

Can you imagine Trimet doing this? NO!

Honolulu rail transit agency releases administrative record - Pacific Business News

I guess TriMet won't be participating in this grand event

'That Boy Can Drive': Behind the Wheel at the 2012 International Bus Roadeo - Commute - The Atlantic Cities


This is the actual video that started the fight with the Trimet management that has culminated to the point I am today. Today I put it back into the public domain since I am retired as of the next business day that Trimet is open.  


Real management reports!


Real management incident reports

Bus driver almost runs over police officer-TWICE

Real management incident reports

Another crazy incident at a MAX station

Portland man with racist ties convicted in scuffle with officers at Clackamas Town Center |

Ex employee gets 9 years

Gladstone man gets 9 years in interstate child porn case |

This could be interesting

Shortlining investigation

 Real Trimet managment reports! Read from bottom up for correct sequence

"My back goes 'clicky click'"

Real management reports!

It's a driver problem

 Real Trimet management reports

I can get free stuff!

I was just contacted by the lovely Merlo administrative assistant and informed that I can still get my 'good bye' gifts!


Anyway just like Mchuff said I can get a $200 gift certificate and a clock or a tower!

I told her to give my gift certificate to the Portland Rescue Mission and can't decide whether to get a clock or a tower?

Decisions decisions, what ever will I do?


TriMet: Ridership continues to grow
 TriMet ridership continues to rise | TriMet Media

WES- 1700 weekday riders...divided by 32 trains (8 trains in each direction morning and afternoon, 16 morning and 16 evening trains)...

Average of 53 riders per train. That's impressive - FOR A BUS.

Lately TriMet/P&W has been running all trains as two-car trains. So...each "train" (car) has 80 seats, so 160 seats for a two car train. That's an average of...33% load factor per train!

What's worse...each Colorado Railcar DMU has three engines - two just to move the train, one for onboard electric (HVAC). Each bus has...well, one engine. The engines on the WES train I believe are 600 horsepower; on a bus it's closer to 300.

So TriMet is burning fuel for up to six engines to run at one time...for 53 riders? (And it takes two employees versus the one bus driver...)

I forgot, rail is ALWAYS more efficient...ALWAYS.(via Erik H)

Privatization failure in Britain

Human Transit: guest post: peter brown on the decline of u.k. privatization of transit


I had a conversation yesterday with one of my gal pals from Trimet.
She described for me the torture that she had to face during her 10 hour shift at Trimet.

See how it works?

Trimet gets their 10% 'administrative' fee-Stacy and Witbeck get their 10% 'administrative' fee-somebody else does the work

Stacy and Witbeck | MOWAT are seeking Sub-Contractor Bids for ...
Stacy and Witbeck | MOWAT are seeking Sub-Contractor Bids for TriMetPortland to Milwaukie Light Rail Project-West Segment. Bids are due June 1, 2012 at ...