Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Live dispatch call feed problem corrected

I was listening to a communication so I had the scanner set to hold that channel.
You might have noticed very limited communications.

Aloha mom arrested after toddler found wandering 4 times Portland

More Mold on the Petri Dish Express

While washing all the windows today before starting my 3867, I noticed the light fixtures sporting this wonderfull growth that the drivers and riding public must inhale.

Where's the shelter?

TriMet so kindly REMOVED the bus stop shelter at Barbur & Bertha, in front of the Burlingame Fred Meyer...

How many MAX shelters were removed?

TriMet bus driver rescues 2-year-old girl from Washington County traffic

Ron Green doing book signing

Fact Finder forum-for Trimet bus operators

Almost every Operator I have spoke with has "A Story to Tell" regarding the issues of The Dirty Bus(s).  Many of you knew this introduction email would be coming, and now is the time for your story to be heard and make a difference in our workplace environment.  And please believe me, it will!!

TriMet, BoltBus show off new buses in Portland

Thank god for buses

TriMet train service restored after fatal early morning car wreck |

2 men stabbed in Tigard, suspect captured Portland

Milwaukie mayor leaves TriMet for Portland Streetcar

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