Thursday, May 17, 2012


Am I going to get yelled at again?

Confessions of a ex Trimet bus driver-giving transfers

I always gave all zone transfers with at least 2 hours from the end of the line.
It's not laziness that prompted me to do that.
I gave out the ALL ZONES for a couple of reasons, first of all, and most importantly, the fare boxes were wrong.
Somebody would put in 2 one dollar bills and several coins.
The counter would show $2.25, I would give them a 2 zone transfer.
2 minutes after they sat down another quarter would drop through the fare box.
I had one too many incidents of this probably 3 years into my working at Trimet.
The benefit of the doubt always goes to the riders.

In regards to the 2 hour transfer.
How could Trimet management justify (of course I know they don't justify anything because they don't have too) giving a rider who lives on a route that gets once an hour service a one hour transfer when other riders live in areas that have 3-4 buses an hour get the same deal?
How is that transit equity?
I implemented OPAL's campaign for a fair transfer before OPAL suggested it. 
(you have power when you are a bus driver)

Woman wants driver to operate her wheelchair

Trimet supervisory reports

Classic dispatch-light rail

Chasing people down the MAX light rail tracks

Actually its the FED's that are partially to blame for TRIMET'S problems

Whereas the federal government was willing to cover more than half of the costs of a $523 million light rail expansion to Pittsburgh’s North Shore — opened in March — it can do nothing to cover the agency’s $64 million operating deficit expected for next year because of Congressionally imposed rules about what Washington can and cannot pay for.
The counterintuitive result is that cities that are doing well economically are able to pay for improved transit services whereas those with many economic problems — the ones where transit is often needed most — are left to cut operations dramatically. Thus regional inequities are reinforced.

The Economic Crisis Rolls on in Cities like Pittsburgh « The Transport Politic

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Noam Chomsky on labor unions/health plans/Obama

Light rail continues to please EVERYONE

Trimet budget crisis update

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Classic dispatch

Chasing people down the MAX light rail tracks

Want some Trimet ART?

Portland Trimet Bus Tickets by kateconsumption on Etsy

It's official-Trimet leads the world in transit apps if not in ridership

Fed's pony up what they committed to

TriMet receives $85 million federal grant for Portland-Milwaukie MAX line |

TriMet bus drivers that walk the walk

A man was repeatedly punching a woman. Nearly as shocking to Porter, none of the northbound drivers in front of his Line 24 bus had stopped to help.
 "I have six sisters and daughters, man," he said. "I'd want someone to stop if that was one of my daughters being attacked."

 TriMet driver comes to rescue of woman being beaten along Southeast Portland traffic ramp |

TriMet Bus drivers that walk the walk

Some driver's have more feeling than other drivers regarding passengers. Then some go the extra mile for passengers.

When A rider put his monthly pass into the fare box (because most UP TO DATE transit systems have passengers SWIPE passes into a reader) the rider accidentally put his pass into the cash side of the fare box.

Most drivers would have explained the procedure for dealing with the bureaucracy and let the riders deal with it themselves, THIS DRIVER got out of his bus, went over to the MAX vending machine, and bought the rider a new pass.

The driver had to deal with the bureaucracy to get the money back, and it was quite an ordeal I understand.

That is remarkable, and I know of very few drivers would would do such an act of kindness for a stranger.

Police nab man accused of bus stop stabbing


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