Friday, May 18, 2012

Talk about rude?

Trimet adventures-episode 1

Today I hit the Trimet system as a private citizen, finally having the right to do what ordinary citizens can do but Trimet bus drivers cannot. These will be a new series of on scene films, this time out of uniform and as a rider.

Rather than the one really long episode they are broken down into segments. As with all my material most of it is boring, but there are some real gems within the body of these movies. 

TRIMET MANAGEMENT-be advised that this is PROPRIETARY MATERIAL WHICH I HOLD COPYRIGHT TOO! You do not have permission to use it in any sort of disciplinary procedure. If I want to make a complaint with MY MATERIAL I will. You do not have my permission to use it against anyone, ever!

Trimet adventures-episode 1-part 1-Downtown Portland
TRIMET ADVENTURES-episode 1-part 2-on the bus 54
Trimet adventures-episode 1-part 3-where's Norman?
Trimet adventures-episode 1-part 4-back on the 54
Trimet adventures-episode 1-part 5-on the MAX again then the 48 bus
Trimet adventures-episode 1-part 6-running into Big Bird and riding the MAX home


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34 dead in Vietnam bus crash

TriMet regular rider Stuart Fishman at the Oregonian!

TriMet transparency

Regarding Joseph Rose's informative May 13 article about TriMet employee health care ("Is TriMet about to drive over a cliff?"): Though a minority of TriMet employees (management) and The Oregonian have enormous access to the public, the majority of TriMet employees, the union members, have hardly any access.

I'm a bus rider. I've talked to some of the drivers, and there is more to this issue than has been reported by TriMet management or The Oregonian. As a public organization in a democratic society, TriMet should feature the union side of the story on its website, next to the management's story. TriMet has done a great job of organizing hearings where the public can comment on fare increases and schedule changes. We need forums where management, union members and the public can express their opinions and listen to each other. Maybe that will help resolve the issue.

How about it, TriMet management?

Southwest Portland


Crime train news!

MAX Green Line ships gangs to Clackamas County, survey suggests

C-Tran replacing recalled tires ASAP...TriMet "waiting"

PORTLAND, Ore. – Commuters using C-Tran buses can rest easier on the ride home. After a frantic few days, the agency said it has replaced nearly 600 bus tires that were recalled.

Michelin recalled nearly 78,000 tires last month. The company said "faulty casings" were prone to a "loss of integrity."

When you..... can get an answer:
@AndWorse: @trimet Would you happen to know why the bus shelter at SW Barbur & Bertha was removed, please? Is this permanent?
@trimet: @AndWorse The shelter in front of Fred Meyer was removed during construction of the store and some work on the street.
@trimet: @AndWorse It should be replaced next week.

Out riding today

Trimet finally gets some new buses

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Confessions of an ex Trimet bus driver-checking fares

I never checked fares.
Why you may ask?
Because I was witness to too many incorrect transfers being given out to riders.
Incorrect day codes, incorrect times, incorrect zones.
The amount of operator errors is much larger than people think.
As far as the MAX tickets, I could not read them.
It would require me having each passenger stop, hold it close, and have me read it.
 I also  did not see the difference between the passes and the tickets.
They all looked the same.

I really felt that riders get a bad deal from Trimet.
They deal with broken fare machines, incorrect transfers given by operators, and fare boxes that don't count correctly.

Because of all this mess with the Trimet fare system, I only pretended to check the fares.
I was happy to give Trimet riders a break. 

Only in the very beginning of my employment with Trimet did I take the fare system seriously. After a couple of years I learned it was a joke and a rip off for Trimet riders.

Latest dispatch updates

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Rock and roll marathon?

This is cool

Live Milwaukie Bridgecam
Southwest view

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