Saturday, May 19, 2012


 Rider takes transfers-----> Dispute over 10 cents gets ugly
 I can't take anymore
 They're both off the bus and calling 911
 Bee swarm at 43&Broadway
 Transit cop says turn this bag into a supervisor
 Leonard almost runs the light
 Man upset at driver due to crosswalk incident
 Rider throwing sunflower seeds all over the floort
 Smelly passenger allowed to stay
 Smelly passenger asked to leave

Transit workers in Portland Oregon are under attack

Farewell Al


McFührer gives notice that he intends to use Trimet as his personal propaganda machine

(Even the arbitrator is skeptical of Trimet funding projections. We all know they lie, which is why McFührer is so intent on using propaganda in order to distort the public's view on the matter)


The nation called Ed Ray a hero when he led a terrified group of children to safety after they were kidnapped aboard their school bus and held underground for ransom in the summer of 1976.


To take advantage of Opticom traffic signal priority treatments at 39th & Hawthorne, the westbound stop for Line 14-Hawthorne was recently moved from NS (adjacent to Jiffy Lube) to FS (adjacent to Fred Meyer). This move is expected to greatly help reduce delays at this intersection.

Real Trimet public relations planning

I just got a call from the General Manager's office. They will be announcing to the public/media the early opening of Interstate MAX next Tuesday, September 16th at 1pm in the afternoon.

Real Trimet incident reports

Three conditions in the external restrooms at St. Johns Racquet Club, 7519 N. Burlington Ave, are unacceptable in my opinion and the opinion of many operators who use them.

First of all, while I can't confirm that it is a TriMet employee(s) doing this there is ball-point pen graffiti repeatedly showing up on the walls in both restrooms. These restrooms are accessible with our key and to the best of my knowledge we are the main users of this facility. I have observed graffiti referencing internal TriMet matters in the past so I am suspicious that a/some employees may be writing on the walls.

Real Trimet incident reports

->Comment=Two weeks ago I took one of your supervisors that was working on 6th and Taylor and showed him the bus stop on Main St. in between 4th and 5th heading west, next to the Multnomah County Court House. I showed him the tree that is just to the east of the covered bench. What he saw was how worn away the roots of this tree are because your bus driver insist on stopping their bus so that the front door is just to the west edge of the covered bench, which puts the back door directly in line with this tree and its roots.

Dispatch updates

Trimet over the airwaves-May 18-11:55am-11:08pm
 Trimet over the airwaves-May 17/18-11:06pm-11:55am

Think back-to when we had enlightened managers


This is the man I went looking for yesterday on the 54

MaxRedline no fan of TriMet

MaxRedline: Tri-Met: Who Ya Gonna Believe? Us, Or Your Own Lying Eyes?