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Riding Trimet-episode 2-part 2


Woman in hiding

Riding Trimet-episode 2-part 1

Rider falls onto operator

Real Trimet supervisory reports:
 Operator stated that the passenger boarded at 15th and Fremont going south, passenger chose not to sit down and was standing. As the bus pulled away from the service stop the passenger lost her balance and fell into the stanchion bar and fell on  an off duty bus operator. Operator said he and others asked if she was okay and she repeatedly stated she was fine, However as the bus pulled into 5th and Davis NW. passenger started complaining of pain in her left shoulder and arm was tingling, at that point dispatch was notified and medical was called. Passenger was transported by AMR 335 to good samaritan.
passenger name

Trimet Fail

Real Trimet supervisory reports:

One TVM was “Out of Service” and the other was barely working.  People had to wait in a long line to buy a fare and missed a train they could have easily been on.  We may get several complaints about the operational issues of our TVM machines.  Both should have been in good working order for the event.

Tim Helmer's Merlo Cartoon

                                       His poster art always brings a smile.Good work Tim!

Classic tweets

This surprised me when I heard the operator say it!

Presidential candidate Bruce Hansens website

Presidential candidate Tom Horton's website

Supervisor hurts herself

Real Trimet supervisory reports:
I responded to bus to remove intoxicated sleeper from the bus as he appeared to be without a destination.  Operator had been unable to arouse  him.  Initially he failed to respond to me attempts to wake him up.  After several attempts I nudged his foot with my foot and he came up screaming at me.  He was in my face and very threatening.  I immediately called for police assistance and ordered him off the bus.  He spat at my feet in an attempt to intimidate me.  After several requests to deboard he did so.  As he was walking away from the bus, he crawled into my vehicle in an attempt to steal something from the car.  I commanded him to exit the car but was unclear if he had retrieved anything.  I followed him at a distance of 1 1/2 blocks opposite side of street to maintain his location for police.  Police responded but were unable to locate him.

As I was leaving the garage and heading home, I felt extreme pain and stiffness in my right knee.  I apparently twisted it as I deboarded bus.  Injury reported 9/7 to

Rider lies about operator

Real Trimet supervisory reports

I was asked to respond due to a report of cell phone use while driving. Met Operator XX at 82d/Powell. She denied using cell phone which is on silent and in her purse. I actually reviewed her recent call list and there was no call at that time. Only calls were 3:27p before her shift starts and a missed call at 5:39. She stated that passenger was upset with her over something unrelated and that is what may have generated complaint. I discussed with her the serious nature of using her cell phone and she is in complete agreement and is not taking calls while operating the bus.

Heintzman/Hunt/Longoria website

What kind of ridiculous service alert is this?

 There may be no service to southbound bus stops on 82nd between Duke and
TriMet: Line 19-Woodstock/Glisan on Reroute for Memorial Day

A conversation with disability activist Michael Levine-part 2/the managers

"Have fun doing that"

Operator observed smoking at door of bus at Tigard TC.  I approached the operator to confirm that he was smoking.  He cupped his cigarette in the palm of his hand to conceal it from me.  I asked him if he was smoking and he admitted it.  I advised that he knew the rules and that passengers are being cited and fined $175 for smoking.  He started to walk away from me and I asked him to come over to discuss it with me.  He never did put the cigarette out.  I advised him that I was going to write him up.  His response "You have fun doing that" and walked away.


TriMet changing video-recording policy after complaints about blogging driver
Published: Monday, June 28, 2010, 12:40 PM Updated: Monday, June 28, 2010, 3:37 PM
Joseph Rose, The Oregonian
TriMet says it will change its policy for bus drivers and MAX operators who operate transit-related blogs, prohibiting them from
recording videos while on the job.
The latest restriction to TriMet's ever-evolving policy for operators who blog comes after a week of back-and-forth between driver Al
Margulies and readers of the Bike Portland blog over a video that he filmed while driving a bus.

No embracing allowed

 Real Trimet supervisory reports
Training Supervisor observed operator embracing a passenger on his deadhead.  I was asked to confirm whether or not operator had friends or family on his bus with him.  I observed 2 persons on bus with operator on his deadhead at W Burnside and SW 2nd Ave.  I met with operator at 5th/Morrison.  He confirmed that wife and daughter had been on his bus but they deboarded in the CBD to shop.  I reinstructed operator regarding expectations.

Cascade policy groups position paper on Trimet union employees

Nothing surprising about the document other than it looks ONLY at union labor as being the source for all Trimet's financial problems, which even John Charles knows is not true. JohnTriMetBSNW.pdf

Busrailfan is in town

Tri-Met MAX - Siemens SD600 Light Rail Vehicle #211 - YouTube
Tri - Met Portland Streetcar Skoda 10T1 Light Rail Vehicle - YouTube

Weirdest Trimet related you tube movie i've seen

Another episode of the ELITE celebrating themselves

Same old Same old

A conversation with Trimet operator Leonard James