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ATU Presidential Candidate Tom Horton

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Trimet operator ruins bathroom

Joy of Laundry is a small business in North
Portland at the end of lines 4 and 44. To express his appreciation for TriMet’s service and
operators’ hard work, the owner makes his restroom available to operators on layover. Last
month, this small business owner had to pay a big plumbing bill because a TriMet employee
apparently used the restroom when it was marked “out of order.” What had been a broken
water main became an even messier problem. This unfortunate story is a reminder that the
familiar rules really do matter:
• Don’t flush what shouldn’t be flushed
• Don’t use a restroom labeled “out of order”
• Don’t give access to non-TriMet personnel
• Leave no trace—no litter, graffiti, spills, etc.
In other words, treat layover facilities as you would your own property—or better! Thanks for
doing your part to keep these facilities available.

It is legal for petitioners to ride Trimet

Petition gathering on board
Initiative supporters have until July 6 to collect signatures to qualify statewide measures for the
November ballot. Thus, we expect paid signature gatherers and others to target transit, particularly
during Rose Festival and other large events.
Federal and state law permits individuals to canvas for signatures on TriMet property so long as the
effort does not interfere with our transit operations or create a risk of safety. If the activity does block
boarding or deboarding of the vehicles, restricts the free movement of passengers in or about the
stations or stops, or otherwise constitutes a safety hazard, you may request that the activity be
stopped. If you have concerns about the conduct of signature gatherers, contact a supervisor, or call
Dispatch or Control to send someone out to
investigate the behavior.

Latest dispatch updates

Trimet over the airwaves May 25/26-11:58AM/12:24AM
 Trimet over the airwaves May 26-12:53PM-8:18PM
 Trimet over the airwaves May 26-8:19PM/11:00PM
 Driver waits 12 minutes for a transfer!
 Claudine wakes up a passenger
 What the fuck business is it of yours where I am going?

Memories of an ex bus driver

One of the more interesting events on my bus was when I was driving the 8.
I was at the hospital heading back and a man got on the bus in a hospital gown and he had blood dried up on his arms.
He obviously had just escaped from the hospital.
He got on and sat down, of course no fare was paid.
I didn't say a thing. I just let him ride, I never removed a passenger over fare or got into a dispute with a passenger over fare.
I took him where he wanted to go which was somewhere off 15th Avenue.
He never said a word to me, coming or going.
I can still see the man like it was yesterday.


ATU Constitution and General laws section 14.3 (Members Disqualified from Holding Office)

14.3 Members Disqualified from Holding Office.

Members who have voluntarily left the service in which the membership of the L.U. is engaged, or who have retired on pension or who have been discharged for cause found by the L.U. to be proper, are not eligible to run for any office in the local. No member who is disqualified from holding office under the provisions of Section 504 of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 shall be eligible for holding office in this Union. Pensioners shall not be eligible to be candidates for or hold office in the L.U. except that members who retire on pension during their term of office may complete the term. Any member who has actually quit the service of an employing company to engage in any other business except for this I.U. shall not be eligible to be elected to office in a L.U. and one who is holding office in his or her L.U. at the time the member so quits the service of an employing company may no longer hold office and must resign. Where a member’s discharge case has been sustained under either the procedure set out in the labor contract for the adjudication of such grievances or in any other adjudicatory forum, the member may no longer hold office and must resign.

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