Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother, daughter who held down and slugged TriMet passengers were treated rudely and shoved as they lashed out

A ride on Portland's historic trolley with classic Trimet operator Neil Berlin


Rock and Roll marathon

Real Trimet supervisory reports:

Rock and Roll marathon

Real Trimet supervisory reports

I was the only roomer for the event and was very busy, I think that we need more than I roomer for the event. There were long delays for the buses in many of the bump-through. The reroute for the line 14 were confusing to the drivers and passengers. And the report time should have been 5am and not 5:30am. 

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Real Trimet supervisory reports

Cirque du Soleil presents OVO

Real Trimet supervisory reports
TVM machines were not in good working order.
One TVM was “Out of Service” and the other was barely working.  People had to wait in a long line to buy a fare and missed a train they could have easily been on.  We may get several complaints about the operational issues of our TVM machines.  Both should have been in good working order for the event.

Real Trimet supervisory reports

Mr. xxxxxx stated that he was slightly distracted East bound with last minute customers east bound at 82nd Ave. He took a point of power and realized he had not called the signal and would trip. He called control pulled back recalled and proceeded. He was fit for duty and was off for the day.
 I arrived Gresham Transit at 21:43. As I drove by bus # 2272 operating as a number 9. I noticed the drivers side from the operators cab window back had fresh gang paint on the side of the bus. I called dispatch reporting it and contacted the bus operator she also said it was new. The paint was tacky to the touch and you could still smell it.

Real Trimet supervisory reports

On Wednesday 4/18/12 my partner, xxxx and I de-boarded a SB train, (9064) at 850pm. As we walked to the front of the train i looked over at the operator, xxxxx and noticed him wearing a black or blue beanie hat and a silver earpiece in his right ear. 

After Action Report - Supervisory reports

Bus Bridge – Rail Grinding (Northbound)
Had to use 7/67 due to too many bikes.
Had to call CTran to hold last bus at Delta Park.
Two busses were not enough to handle the load due to too many bicycles. Twice we had trains with 5 bicycles on board. Also, Dispatch had to call CTran and have them hold the last bus from Delta Park until our bus got there to transfer passengers. We should have made arrangements with CTran earlier.

Like it or not-your getting it

MAX to change face of eastside

Tri-Met orders first Mystery Train cars: $73 million

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Brothers and Sisters,
I am writing this concerning the so called “Safety Committee”.  I had concerns about an issue that all of us operators worry about, “slip and falls”.  I had gotten a PA, due to someone getting up on my bus to ring a bell, I had to make a hard stop and the person fell.  I got blamed by 9 or so people, including trainers.  When the so called “Safety Committee” was formed to take operator suggestions, I jumped at the chance to put pressure on them, to address the #2 safety issue “we” have (passengers getting up while the bus is in motion), here where my suggestions on how to deal with this: