Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LACMTA: No more honor system

Now, with 85 miles of track and 170,000 riders, the board of the county's Metropolitan Transportation Authority has voted to make the system work like it does in every other big city by approving locking gates.
Riders have previously been expected to have a ticket, and faced a $250 fine if caught without one. Tickets will now have transponders and riders will scan them to open gates.
"The honor system hasn't worked," said Los Angeles County supervisor and MTA board member Zev Yaroslavsky. "I don't know of any major metropolitan transit agency in the world that does this."

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We need this sort of investigation on Trimet

What Trimet needs to do with these old piece of shit buses


I asked Jon the  following question: 
Rumor is that you want to use any back pay received from Trimet (COLA'S, Health) for union purposes.

Jonathan's response:
That is an absolute false rumor! No way Shape or form! 
It's all campaign lies

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Portland's got a lot more transit than just TriMet


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SkyTrain for Surrey

Direct from the field

wouldnt iit be great if this of piece ofshit place to work could give u good equipment to drive?..i know an odd request!...spend all kinds of money elsewhere!
no headlights!...tried everything!..i will call when i roll out of here!