Sunday, June 3, 2012

Latest dispatch updates

June 1/2-11:34pm-1:58pm
June 1/2-1:58pm-11:13pm
June 3-9:56am-4:27pm

Big Pink (trolley(bus))

Sunset TC starting to look like a European train station

Non-Standard TriMet logo on a MAX train

Dispatch highlights

Grabbed the phone and hauled ass
Woman falls out of her wheelchair
Leonard needs lunch
Paranoid nation-supervisor gets it
Woman falls hits her head and lays in the middle of the street
operator has had enough
Fight starts on the bus
Bee swarm on the loose
Man that smells allowed to ride
Leonard part 3
10 cents creates incident
Man is angry with operator
Man stinks and can't ride the bus
Spitting sunflower seeds all over the floor 1 day 21 hours ago
Transit officer tells bus driver to take this bag to supervisor
Tire is flapping around

China hails bus driver who saved passengers

Safety is a value? MY ASS

New Driver Training Class

                                         21 students in the latest TriMet Class

Appreciation for running a bus system.

What, did you really think I had something that came from TriMet?