Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Professional: TriMet union presidential candidate Ron Heintzman

Portland Afoot

This boat held up all the traffic on the steel bridge

MAX drivers in love

damnportlanders: Scene in Portland

Transit fares from around the world

Direct action report

The only thing accurate about this was the description of the operator-the whole complaint is bogus:

You think your going to influence government policy?

Ya right: County attorneys: Ballot measure does not apply to MAX project
             Clackamas County to voters: Take this ballot measure and shove it (Jack Bog's Blog)

A rather interesting side note to the Walker election

The Workhorse: TriMet union presidential candidate Bruce Hansen

Trolley men

Does Trimet really pay out more in benefits than wages?

But she also pointed out that "fringe benefits" includes a number of different categories: medical coverage, disability payments, workers comp and unemployment, time off and some others.
It’s unlikely the average person would consider payouts to workers comp and unemployment coverage to be benefits in the traditional sense. They’re not the sort of thing you negotiate before taking a job -- they’re the cost of being an employer.
 Mary King, a professor of economics at Portland State University, said lumping those sorts of costs in with this discussion may be misleading. "I think it's really a huge red herring to start talking about what TriMet might be paying for past employees," she said. "That's an attempt to make it look like they're paying a lot."
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Trimet gives Seimens the contract and Siemens lays off workers

Two weeks after light-rail deal, Siemens announces Sacramento plant layoffs - Business - The Sacramento Bee



June 5-12:08am-2:30pm

At least TRIMET is not SEPTA!

Trimet hate

The behind-the-scenes scramble to run TriMet’s union

The Reformer: TriMet union presidential candidate Tom Horton


Geeze  there are two 12s back to back 4th and Caruthers? Is this the operational plan, two buses every 30 minutes on   all routes??

Prosecutors not to charge C-Tran bus driver

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 Hey internets™, its been a few days. With the term wrapping up and Velo plans taking form it’s been busy!
 As you may know I am forming a project to show how one person can change there lives with a Human Powered Vehicle, and while I get the nessary funds and what not, I am taking my bike everywhere. When my bike has issues (which it always seems to have) I go by bus! This week alone I’ve gone by bus quiet a bit and I can say that I am fucking done exposing myself to this greener, albeit disturbing form of transportation. Don’t get me wrong Trimet, you do provide a vaulable service but is it worth the cost of a ticket? Lets take a look!


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Portland's 2012 STARLIGHT PARADE!

Watch a float break down right on the MAX tracks