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Trimet is hurting for drivers

Quite funny because I know some very qualified people who have applied at Trimet and never get called back. What is it they are looking for?
TriMet: Attend a TriMet Information Session

Steve STEVE SCHOPP never has a problem speaking his mind

And the fact that he is right on each of his points means nothing to the Trimet board of sock puppets

Jim Howell says Trimet is doing it all wrong

This man (former Trimet employee) has been studying transit issues in Portland since the 1970's

Tom Horton's comment on the union election

Let me be clear: The margin of President-Elect Hansen's victory over former incumbent Heintzman was all of 242 votes. Many of us have identified Mr. Heintzman as perpetuating the exclusive and secretive culture of our union's leadership history. Mr. Heintzman is responsible for gerrymandering our local and wasting the majority votes of my TriMet brothers and sisters.
I entered this race very late compared to President-Elect Hansen's announcement last fall. Since February 14th, I was able to raise a few hundred dollars and still fewer volunteers. My campaign simply ran out of funds. Once Ron Heintzman entered the competition on Nomination Day, my position became clear--split the votes, or be the "spoiler" for either one or the other.
I will contend that President-Elect Hansen won his narrow victory because of the positions he and I share about the established incumbency created by Former President Heintzman. I got, "Clobbered," NOT because of the ideals an principles I espoused in my campaign, but rather for want of funding and organization.
If I had elected to spend my own money on campaign posters, buttons, and junk mailings, like many candidates did, President-Elect Hansen's supporters would be calling me more names than just, "SPOILER!"
From Portland Afoot

John Charles may be no friend of the public sector employee

But he sure understands the issues regarding the light rail expansion

Mcfarlane tells us about his $111 million dollar bond

Will TriMet’s new union leader be able to defend its workers’ benefits?

Portland Afoot

Mary Fetsch spotted in Google Maps Street View


 Last time Bruce lost by 250-this time he won by 250 (aprox)
Jon Hunt gets VP/ Longoria gets treasurer

Funny that Trimet gives out its data for free-but everything else COSTS BIG $

Open Data for transportation at Trimet : an example to follow! - My Opinions


Drunken, racist rant rocks bus riders

Research contradicts the Trimet model

Reason Foundation - Surface Transportation Innovations #104

Interesting comments

The culture and ethic of leadership within the organization has degraded to a level we never would have thought possible.

TriMet never intended to amend nor consider Opal's budget proposal. That became clear as
soon as Neil began his GM report.
The Board's action to transfer 1 million to "low income riders" was a planned placeholder and only marginalized poor people even more.
Opal did not want nor did they ever ask for funds to help "poor people." They and their work was focused on retaining affordable, stable and equitable bus/rail services for AlL PEOPLE.

Opal urged greater transparency and inclusiveness from TriMet and continuously stated their willingness to partner with TriMet to achieve those goals, together.

Neil wants to and will build new train systems. To achieve that, he surrounds himself with unqualified Operations managers that don't have the capacity nor abily to think on their own. He hires new Directors (with questionable or no resumes) to deal with the stuff he cannot..those Union workers and a labor contract that is getting in his way.
Neil and his management team choose to use the media to discuss the labor dispute which placed every front line worker in a vulnerable and difficult position with their riders and the public.
Neil and his management team broke the law; not once but twice.
TriMet has lost the very core of what it once agency that was committed to upholding delivery of safe and reliable transit service to every citizen. An agency that valued and deeply respected it's workforce.

Opal members and ATU employees deserve appreciation for their courage and tenacity.

Bus Riders Unite! Rally for Fair Trimet Fares

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If your using Trimet on the WEST SIDE you should complete this survey


TriMet budget adopted: Will cuts and fare hikes lead to more bike use?

Who Gets TriMet's $1 Million Fund for Low-Income Riders?

Willamette Week


Seems like a pretty good prediction to me.
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Definition of the death spiral is HERE!


Is the PDC a gigantic waste of money? (Jack Bog's Blog)


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We EXPOSED TriMet, once and for all, as an unaccountable, disconnected agency that lacks transparency and opportunities for meaningful participation. Over the past six months, we have given TriMet every opportunity to act equitably and to meaningfully consider the ideas and needs of transit riders in their budgeting process. Yesterday's meeting was confirmation that the board is not responsive riders' needs, and that the agency does not genuinely want our engagement.

The board has had multiple opportunities to take action on an alternative budget that doesn't squeeze those of us that can least afford to pay. Instead, they took the easy way out, refusing to schedule an extra meeting to formally consider our Budget Alternative and engage in more meaningful dialogue about striking the right balance. The TriMet board failed us, and our Bus Riders Unite leadership understands what comes next: a fight to bring greater accountability and representation to the board. See below for our next membership meeting date!

Trimet budget press release

Internal efficiencies save $1.2 million
TriMet made internal cuts, including layoffs, to minimize service cuts and impact to
I don't know if I even believe this, what evidence does the public have to see that this is indeed true?

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Free Rail Zone gets the ax, fare changes under new TriMet budget