Lane Jensen returns

Lane Jensen returns

Monday, June 18, 2012


Trimet dispatch updates

June 17/18-10:30pm-10:51am
 June 18-10:51am-1:39pm

Bruce Hansen speaks after his loss 3 years ago

The very best of Trimet Dispatch

Last night+ this morning:

We're sorry you got fired

But we needed your bus to bail out our rail program. (early morning)

The case of the missing Trimet bus!

A bus went missing last night. After an exhaustive search it was found.

Long involved incident with 16 year old girl last night

This a very interesting dispatch call. Amazing how far TRIMET went for this 16 year old girl who got scared by some guy at a bus stop. Then we even see the 16 year old talking directly to dispatch over the bus radio, something I thought was never done. In any event, its interesting for dispatch geeks.

Transit corruption: Poor revenue causes free fare zone removal in Portland

SkyTrain for Surrey

Having Jonathan as VP could be a VERY GOOD THING

I know its weird, our long time president now is vice president. And his man lost so now he is subordinate to Bruce Hansen.

But on the other hand, to have Jon right there is a good thing to since he has all the current information in his head.

Bruce will be up to speed immediately with Jon there.

Bus shelter molester back!

More TriMet bus shelters vandalized | - Portland Local News

The TriMet civil war: taxes, entitlements, and the mythical "Portland creep"


Longtime Transit Union Leader Toppled in Election

Willamette Week
(They have my video posted on this)

OPAL member Khanh Pham is about to be betrayed

Trimet sock puppets make it clear that they are not interested in public opinion

Trimet "stealth" ops center

Trimet apologist/sock puppet Steve Clark defends the bond as scripted


A Perspective from Portland, Oregon: Gang charts and mapping

Guess I don't need this anymore either


Here is what the big time transit execs read

Transit Intelligence


Forced overtime is top issue for CARTA bus drivers, union rep says


Imagine Trimet without buses

Mechanical problems have interrupted service for TriMet’s WES Wilsonville-to-Beaverton commuter rail trains.
TriMet officials said just before 7 a.m. that shuttle buses would be used instead of the trains for the final runs of the morning commute.
WES carries passengers from Wilsonville through Tualatin and Tigard to the Beaverton Transit Center, where they can catch the westside MAX to either Portland or Hillsboro.