Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Excellent talk with Laura Flanders 
(Some of the tactics he attributes to CTA have been used by Trimet)

Best of Trimet dispatch

Day of June 19 ( I love the way the dispatcher giggles on the first call here, you can tell he is amazed with the absurdity )

Lots of drivers hit 'silent alarm' by mistake

So how many cancelled runs are there?

This information has always been top secret around here:

You tubes

Dancing Guy on TriMet - YouTube
Tri-Met Bus crossing Hawthorne Bridge - YouTube
Crazy guy on trimet - YouTube
trimet gang stalking train 6-3-12
Girl Scout Safety Award with Tri-Met and Mayor, June, 2012
Trimet doing what it does best.(time lapse)
TriMet : 'Free rail zone' gone Sept. 1
Clackamas country trimet .
trimet with EAGLE EYE 2 ----timing 6-1-12
Eagle Eye 2---- Trimet Gang stalking train 5-22-12
More oblivious TriMet patrons
Trimet gang stalking train with Eagal Eye timing 6-19 -12
Construction Jobs with Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail
Elite celebrating themselves
Waiting For Light Rail Down Town
Driver of car 'left on MAX tracks' to face judge

The last look at SE 17th Ave. before light rail

Bryan J. Dorr

Best of Trimet dispatch

June 18th evening

Trimet dispatch update

June 18/19-1:41pm-11:53am


Driver gets poisoned

By toxic gas fumes:

There was ANOTHER rail shut down this morning

Article about OPAL BEFORE the board voted down all their proposals

They need to do the interview over, now that the process has come to a painful conclusion.

Wheels of Change | City | Portland Mercury

Portland Streetcar ready to follow TriMet and eliminate fareless zone

Somebody really hates Trimet

The damage will cost more than $36,000 to repair, TriMet reported Monday.