Sunday, June 24, 2012


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TriMet Supervisor was sitting in their comfortable, air conditioned SUV (that was idling, and the Supervisor was just gabbing away on his cell phone) here at the Beaverton Transit Center this afternoon.  TriMet riders get the luxury of that 1700 series Flxible Metro sitting in the background.

Congratulations on Winning!

Normally when you receive correspondence from a company you get some kind of a letter.  When you win something you'll usually get some form letter to congratulate you.

I got a blank piece of TriMet stationary.

I shouldn't complain because, well, it was free...but I just have a really empty feeling about this.  No "Thanks for riding TriMet?"  No "We hope to see you on WES soon?"  Nope.  Just empty space.

At least the monthly pass will go to a deserving person who can use it.  I have an annual pass so I clearly don't need it.

Another blast from the VERY FAR AWAY past

When I started my own website it was more or less supposed to be humorous, as time went on I became more and more serious. I knew that I was making fun of my employer, and that sort of behavior is always risky. So I disguised my stuff as humor. Of course the caricature of me kinda stuck, but I moved away from humor pretty quickly.

Blast from the WAY past (the very beginning)

This one sends some shivers up my spine, seems like forever ago. Just before the video explosion so its only pictures. Remember the lay overs at North Terminal, that was the greatest spot for layovers.

BLAST FROM THE WAY PAST-5 YEARS AGO (the very beginning)

This was the first IN THE FIELD video that I ever made. It was made with the cooperation of another Trimet driver, LUCI THORNTON, who played the cranky lady with shopping cart!

Punishment for driving under the influence-1'st offense-Singapore

Warning graphic!

Bus Driver beaten to death over broken mirror dies

Explaining the Psychological Appeal of Rail Over Buses

Streetsblog Capitol Hill

Fox News Reports: Egypt Follows US in Electing Muslim President

CAIRO (The Borowitz Report) – In its historic first democratic election, Egypt has followed the lead of the United States in electing a Muslim president, the Fox News Channel reported today.

Sean Hannity, the Fox News host, noted that in electing Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptians were echoing the decision of American voters in 2008.

“The similarities between Obama and Morsi are striking,” he said.  “Both come from radical political parties, and both have unfamiliar, foreign-sounding names.  One key difference, of course, is that Morsi makes no secret of being a Muslim.”

Mr. Hannity predicted that the two Presidents could have a close working relationship going forward: “I’m sure President Obama has already called Morsi to congratulate him, one Muslim brother to another.”

Mr. Hannity said that the election of Mr. Morsi may be just the latest result in a trend that augurs well for Mr. Obama’s own re-election hopes: “In recent months, Egypt elected a Muslim, France elected a Socialist, and Kenya elected a Kenyan.”

In other Egyptian news, a hospital spokesman said today that former President Hosni Mubarak, declared “clinically dead” just days ago, continues to make a remarkable recovery: “Today he was able to eat, say a few words, and wire four billion dollars to Switzerland.”


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